International Orders And Shipping has the capability to ship almost any product to any part of the world. We service a lot of international customers, law enforcement and government agencies world wide. However, due to the nature of the products we sell, they are highly regulated both by the United States government and also by individual countries of destination.


If your order has an international ship-to address or you ship domestically with an intent to export your order, please contact us first. In most cases, we will be able to advise you on the exportability of the order or provide information on the steps you need to follow to be in compliance with export laws and regulations of the United States.

Taxes, Duties and Brokerage Fees

IMPORTANT: We have no way of keeping up with or giving advice on your local (as in your own country) laws, regulations and rules governing the types of products you are purchasing. Any customs duties, brokerage fees, regulatory taxes or other forms of additional costs that may be imposed on your order upon arrival into your country are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. The freight quote that you see on our website does not include any of these charges that you may incur when goods arrive in your country.

International Payments

Payment options vary by country. Customers from countries supporting credit card verification are allowed to place orders by credit card. We do not accept credit card orders from certain countries. We apologize for any inconvenience. Verified PayPal accounts are also allowed to place orders using PayPal. All others will need to make payment by wire transfer. To get wire transfer instructions - please contact us.

International Returns

International returns are handled the same way as domestic returns. We do not provide return shipping labels for international returns. If you get a wrong item shipped to you internationally, please contact our customer service team for resolution.

Fraud Prevention

International orders have the highest percentage of fraudulent transactions. To protect our customers world wide and to reduce the burden on the company, we may take additional time in processing international orders. Please be patient with us. If we run into any significant delay (more than 1-2 business days), we will notify you of the status of your order and additional information that we may need from you.

International Shipping

While we regularly ship products to all corners of the world - there are quite a few products that we can not ship internationally.

These products typically fall into 2 categories:

1. Products we can not ship due to Export Restrictions. For details see our Export Policy.
2. Products we can not ship due to agreements with brands and manufacturers. We may be an Authorized Dealer of Brand "X" only for the United States.

Most products that are subject to Export compliance will have corresponding warnings on the product pages. Products that are subject to manufacturer/brand distribution limitations are not listed on product pages due to the complexity of keeping up with each brand's distribution policy. Feel free to contact us in advance or we will contact you if we can not ship something to your location.

When shipping internationally, we use several key partners:

1. United States Postal Service
2. UPS
3. FedEx
4. DHL

Should you need specific carrier or have other instructions for us - please indicate it during checkout in the "comments" section of the order.