PLANET ECLIPSE Etha2 EMC Rail Mounting Kit ETHAG69A0200
Planet Eclipse

PLANET ECLIPSE Etha2 Earth EMC Rail Mounting Kit (ETHAG69A0200)

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  • PLANET ECLIPSE Etha2 Earth EMC Rail Mounting Kit (ETHAG69A0200)
  • PLANET ECLIPSE Etha2 Earth EMC Rail Mounting Kit (ETHAG69A0200)
  • PLANET ECLIPSE Etha2 Earth EMC Rail Mounting Kit (ETHAG69A0200)

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  • Compatible with Etha 2
  • 2-stage design for close quarter battles (CQB) and carbine loadouts
  • Quick release stock mechanism
  • Super easy to maintain bolt - eyes and detents
  • Lightweight free-floating design (the barrel can still be removed with the EMC kit in place)
  • Small and large Stock Adaptors for increased Stock compatibility
  • Stock Drop Insert to lower Stock position
  • Multiple 9 - 7 and 5 slot Picatinny rail mounting points
  • Quick disconnect (QD) sling attachment point
  • Tough Glass Reinforced Nylon construction (GRN)

Unlock the potential of your Etha2 Paintball Marker with the PLANET ECLIPSE Etha2 Earth EMC Rail Mounting Kit (ETHAG69A0200). This lightweight free-floating rail mounting kit allows you to adapt your Eclipse Etha2 to virtually any environment and play style.

Along with built in 12 and 6 oclock rails the Etha2 EMC Kit supports additional 9 - 7 and 5 slot Picatinny rail sections so you can attach anything from flashlights - red dot sights and cameras to vertical fore grips and stocks to its tough Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN) construction.

The ingenious quick release mechanism allows instant access to the key components of your marker in seconds making it super easy to maintain bolt - eyes and detents.

The front shroud can be removed quickly and easily without tools for lighter more compact loadouts incorporating a 2-stage design allowing for unique setups from close quarter battles (CQB) to enhanced carbine loadouts for the ultimate milsim experience.

Your Etha2 EMC Kit is ready to take a range of compatible stocks with its easy to fit quick-release Stock Adaptors. Take full advantage with the Stock Drop Insert that allows you to lower your stock position for improved ergonomics - sighting and target aquisition.

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Warranty Information

Kit Contents x1 Pair Shell
x1 Pair Shroud
x1 Pair BS Covers
x2 Stock Locking Tabs
x1 Blanking Plug
x1 Pair Stock Drop Insert
x1 Pair Stock Adaptor (Large)
x1 Pair Stock Adaptor (Small)
x16 6-32x0.5 inch Button Head Screws
x2 10-32x0.5 inch Cap Head Screws
x2 6-32x0.3125 inch Counter Sunk Screws
x4 Barrel Shroud Retaining Clips
x2 020 NBR70 O-Rings
Eclipse Barrel Sock
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Additional Information

Outdoor Sports
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Rail Mounting Kits
Paintball & Airsoft
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