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A magazine is a part of a weapon in which cartridges are stored and fed into the barrel when fired. 

Shotgun magazine supplies are suitable both for small arms and for heavy machine guns.  Magazines provide high maneuverability of the weapon. Several interchangeable magazines allow the shooter to quickly equip weapons with cartridges.

Magazines were first used in China in the 12th century. Then the rifle magazine was invented for single-shot weapons. A rifle shooter magazine was used with the firearm during the First World War.

Types of Magazines

Gun magazines can be detachable or integral.

  • Detachable

Detachable magazines are the most popular models. They allow shooters to quickly separate them from the weapon and make a quick change with a pre-loaded magazine. Some models have special latches that speed up and simplify the process of mounting a magazine on a weapon and removing it.

Detachable magazines are suitable for pistols and machine guns. Pistol magazine loads one cartridge at a time since such automatic hand weapons are required to achieve a high practical rate of fire in short periods of time. 

  • Integral

Integral magazines are not separated from a weapon. When the cartridges are used up, weapons are loaded with a new pack of cartridges. 

They usually have lower capacity and are suitable for repeating and self-loading rifles and carbines. Integral magazines are also used in hunting and sporting weapons with a low practical rate of fire. Such magazines in rifles are loaded through a hole in the receiver.

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