How to Buy a Suppressor Online

Gritr Sports boasts an extensive selection of NFA items and guns for sale. The acquisition process is a bit different from regular firearms but is no rocket science either.

Buying a suppressor or other NFA weapon online only takes a few steps:

    1. Browse our online catalog and add each item to your cart.
    2. Proceed through the checkout process and pay your order. There is a $200 transfer tax per NFA item that must be submitted with the form 4.
    3. Select a local FFL/SOT dealer and submit your trust or corporation name and provide responsible person information, or if filing as an individual, provide your full legal name.

Click HERE to learn more about the Form 4 document. 

Let us know if you are filing as an individual or transferring into a trust or corporation, and provide the following information:

  • If you are filing as an individual, provide your full legal name. 
  • If you are filing with a trust, provide the following information for every responsible person on your trust: full legal name, home address, phone number, and email address. Also include an electronic copy of your entire trust. If we already have your trust on file, you do not need to send it again unless you have updated it since your last purchase.
  • If you are filing with a corporation, provide the name of the corporation as well as the full legal name, home address, phone number, and email address for every responsible person in the corporation.
  • $200 transfer tax per NFA item that must be submitted with the form 4.
  • Fingerprints and passport style photo.

We will transfer your suppressor or NFA gun to your preferred local FFL/SOT dealer in your state. After your order is placed, you may select an FFL/SOT dealer from our list of dealers. If your preferred dealer is not listed, simply provide us their contact information and we will obtain their FFL/SOT information. Form 3 transfers are initiated within 24 hours of receiving your order and dealer information. Once approved for transfer to your local dealer, you may contact them to begin the Form 4 transfer to yourself, trust, or corporation. Your local dealer will collect the $200 BATFE transfer tax per NFA item, your trust/corporation documents and responsible person information for trust/legal entity transfers or your full legal name for individual transfers, as well as a transfer fee for himself for handling your Form 4 paperwork and storing your items. If you do not have a dealer in mind, contact us and we can recommend or help find one in your area.

During the transfer process, your account will reflect the current status of your order. When a change in status occurs, you will receive an email with the update and any necessary details.