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Did you play hunters when you were a child? You rushed around the yard after your friends, being armed with some kind of a stick and short twigs in the form of arrows. And you were very happy about playing this game. When your parents read books to you, did you associate Robin Hood with his bow with freedom or did you envy Odysseus for being the only one who had the mythical bow? 

If you answered “yes”, then your future was predicted from a young age. And now you are looking for the best bows for hunting. 

Types of Hunting Bows

  • Traditional Bows

While using traditional hunting bows the shooting accuracy depends on the muscular strength of the archer. You transform energy into the arrow power while you pull down the bowstring. The strength and speed of the arrow strongly depend on the right position of your shoulders.

Traditional hunting bows are wooden longbows that do not have any composite or plastic materials. You can add stabilizers to the bow to hit the target more accurately. However it is still difficult to shoot with traditional bows, but whatever one may say, archery is one of the sports of the Olympic Games.

  • Compound Bows

Compound bows for hunting are more powerful than the traditional ones. The speed of an arrow from a compound bow is three or even four times greater. The grip is usually made of alloys of light metals such as aluminum or magnesium. Carbon is the main material of the limb.

Almost all compound bows are accurate, fast, and technically complex. The distinctive features  of the compound bow are two cams at the ends of the limbs and crossed bowstrings. Cams reduce the amount of force that is needed to hold the bow in tension. Shooting a compound bow is more comfortable than shooting a traditional one.

The best compound bows have sight optics! Some models even have a trigger. So nothing can spoil the upcoming result.

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