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The crescent shape of the bow has been accompanying humans for thousands of years, helping us to protect ourselves from adversities and hunt animals. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the bow’s role in the development of civilization is one of the leading ones. Bows improved the quality of our hunting, letting more people survive. Though it was displaced by firearms in the majority of spheres, bow didn’t disappear from our lives. Hunting bows remain a prominent choice for thousands of hunters, and archery continues to be one of the Olympic sports. Bows are nowhere near extinction, and technological advancements allowed us to improve their performance for even better results. Here, on Gritr Sports, you can find many types of bows produced by such industry-leading brands as PSE Archery, Diamonds Archery, Bear Archery, and several others.

Compound Bows

Compound archery bows are a relatively new invention, introduced in the late 60s. They feature a more complicated build with a levering system of cables and pulleys that work in tandem to maximize energy storage through the draw cycle. We have several varieties of compound bows for sale. Compound bows for hunting are usually designed shorter to make maneuvering more comfortable and increase the flight speed of arrows. Target compound bows are longer and more forgiving in terms of draw weight since target shooters have more time on their hands to make a precise shot. Whether you need compound hunting bows or bows for target shooting, we have something that will meet your needs.  

Recurve Bows

Also known as traditional bows, they have a more conventional appearance. Those’re the same bows you see in movies and historical reenactments, only that they can be made from a variety of materials. The classification is the same, with a few peculiarities. Since traditional archery bows are harder to shoot, target recurve bows are much more popular than hunting ones. We have a modest yet worthy selection of recurve bows for sale.

Gritr Sports is your dedicated supplier of bows. Whether you need compound target bows or traditional recurve bows, we got you covered.