Rifle Magazine Parts

Rifle Magazine Parts

Rifle Magazine Release

The mag ​release is a crucial component​ of the rifle, designed for​ quick and easy changing ​of magazines.​ It is usually bought ​for AR-15-style rifles ​but is not exclusive to​ them. The standard AR-15​ magazine release is typically​ located on the ​right side of the​ rifle in front of the​ trigger guard and​ functions as a button-style ​release mechanism. ​However, there are also ​AR-15 ambi magazine ​releases available on the​ market, which are​ designed to be accessible from ​both sides of the rifle, ​making it convenient for ​both right and​ left-handed shooters. ​Additionally, some users may​ opt for an extended ​mag release, which​ provides a larger surface​ area and allows​ for easier ​operation without ​having to adjust ​your grip ​significantly.

Rifle Magazine Catch

Let's get to ​the mag catch, another essential ​part that ensures the secure​ retention of the magazine in ​the rifle. The mag ​catch is a small but vital ​component that locks ​the magazine ​into place when​ inserted into the rifle's ​mag well. There are​ various types of mag ​catches available for the AR-15 and​ other rifles, including​ standard and extended​ versions. The magazine​ catch spring plays a pivotal​ role in the function of the​ mag catch by providing​ the necessary tension ​to keep the magazine securely​ locked until the mag ​release is activated. Regardless​ of the type of mag catch or ​magazine catch spring​ you choose, it's ​essential to ensure they ​are compatible with your ​specific AR-15 model for ​optimal performance ​and reliability.

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What is the function of the mag release?

The AR-15 mag​ release is a button-style​ mechanism located on​ the right side of ​the rifle ​that allows for​ quick and easy​ removal of the ​magazine.

What does the mag catch do in the AR-15?

The mag catch ​is a crucial component that​ locks the magazine into place​ when inserted i​nto the rifle's mag well. Without a properly functioning ​mag catch, the magazine ​may not stay ​securely in place.

Can I replace the AR-15 extended mag release myself?

Technically, yes.​ Given you have the right tools ​and knowledge, you can ​replace the standard AR-15 mag​ release with an extended mag​ release without resorting ​to the help of an expert.