Over-Under Shotguns

Over-Under Shotguns

Over-Under Shotguns

Shoguns are a popular type of firearm used for an array of tasks, such as hunting, home defense, and competition. You get plenty of benefits when you choose a shotgun over a rifle. First of all, the versatility of ammo. This benefit is huge if you’re an avid hunter whose skills cover a wide range of animals and birds. You can use birdshot for waterfowl, buckshot for predators and deer, or slugs for elk. Birdshot and buckshot are also great choices for home defense.

Other benefits of a shotgun over a rifle are low maintenance and ease of use. Even semi-automatic shotguns have a simplistic design that won’t scare off a novice shooter, not to mention break-action shotguns existing without major refinements for several hundreds of years now. Two barrels also allow you to use two different chokes.

Break-action shotguns exist in two-barrel configurations: side-by-side (SxS) and over-and-under (O/U). While side-by-side shotguns are more common, it doesn’t mean O/U designs are inferior. Over-under shotguns do have several advantages, so let’s find out what they are.

O/U Shotgun Advantages

The first thing that makes O/U shotguns compare favorably with side-by-sides is the sight plane. While some shotgun users don't experience any problems caused by two barrels aligned horizontally, many believe a single sight plane of an over-under makes them more accurate shooters. That’s why the chances you’ll see an SxS shotgun in a shooting competition are low.

Unlike side-bys that often feature two triggers (SxSs with a single trigger system also exist), one for each barrel, over-unders always have one trigger. Some consider it a drawback because a selector switch that allows one to choose between barrels on an over-under is less intuitive. However, a single-trigger design is less prone to accidental discharges.

The pistol stock on most O/U shotguns has a shorter learning curve, and the forend doesn’t make you obstruct your aim. Its slender construction also contributes to the instinctive pointing. However, the stock in side-bys is lighter and more accurate.

Finally, an over-under shotgun is easier to shoot because of the barrels that go deeper in the stock and more mass that absorbs recoil.

Best O/U Shotguns for Sale

Gritr Sports has a wide array of .410 bore, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge over-under shotguns for hunting and competition. We carry quality shotguns from such well-known brands as CZ, Beretta, Browning, Mossberg, Savage, and others.