Handgun Action Parts

Handgun Action Parts

What's a Pistol's Action & What's Its Purpose?

Essentially being a pistol’s core, the action of a pistol is made up of parts that load, fire, and discharge cartridges from the inside. Picture the action of a pistol as its powerhouse. Just as a powerhouse fuels a vehicle, the action fuels your weapon. Its main purpose is to ensure that each time you pull the trigger, the bullet is appropriately launched out of the firearm.

Different Action Parts & Their Roles

Let's delve deeper to understand how different parts of the action contribute to the overall functionality of your pistol.

  • Trigger & Trigger Bar: The trigger is the component you pull to start the firing sequence. This action triggers a chain reaction that leads to the firing of the cartridge. The trigger bar is linked to the trigger, and when you pull the trigger, the bar moves and disengages the firearm’s internal safety system.
  • Recoil Spring & Guide Rod: The recoil spring absorbs the recoil when the pistol fires and returns the slide back to its initial position. In essence, it aids in controlling recoil and makes reloading a round smoother. The guide rod accommodates the recoil spring and ensures it recoils directly backward when absorbing the kickback.
  • Firing Pin & Spring: The firing pin hits the primer of the cartridge when you pull the trigger, igniting the gunpowder and propelling the bullet down the barrel. The firing pin spring manages the movement of the firing pin, ensuring it only moves when required and repositions itself after striking the primer.
  • Extractor (aka ejector): After a bullet is fired, the extractor latches onto the rim of the spent cartridge and extracts it from the chamber, clearing space for the next round.
  • Sear: The sear is a tiny lever that restrains the hammer. When you pull the trigger, the sear lets go of the hammer allowing it to hit the firing pin.
  • Hammer: The hammer is a pivoting part that strikes the firing pin upon release. It's typically under tension from a spring and restrained by the sear until the trigger is pulled.
  • Safety: The safety feature prevents accidental discharges. It immobilizes the parts of the action until it is deliberately deactivated.

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What is the purpose of the action of a pistol?

The action of a pistol is the mechanism that loads, fires, and ejects cartridges from your firearm. It's essentially the core of the firearm, ensuring each bullet is properly launched when you pull the trigger.

What is the purpose of the extractor?

Once a bullet is fired, the extractor hooks onto the rim of the spent cartridge and pulls it out of the chamber, making room for the next round.

What is a locking block in a pistol?

The locking block is the part that locks the barrel and the slide together during firing. After the bullet has left the barrel, the locking block disengages, allowing the slide to move backward, eject the spent casing, and load a new round.