Magazine Accessories

Magazine Accessories

Magazine Accessories

It is impossible to choose the one firearm part that is more important than all the rest. Not that anyone asks you to do so. At the end of the day, it is the distinguishing feature of all complex mechanisms: every part is a vital component the system cannot work without. The same is true for the magazine. Naturally, as with every other firearm part, there are dozens of various magazine accessories.  

Mag Wraps

Also known as mag skins, wraps add more customization to your firearm. The customization might not be as elaborate and detailed as in video games, but it is still a way to give your gun a touch of your personality. And even more than that, if you have multiple magazines of different calibers, a mag wrap might be a marker that will allow you to distinguish one caliber from another. In short - a great way to turn a gun into your gun.

Magazine Loaders

Loading cartridges is an essential part of the whole shooting ceremony. After all, your firearm needs ammo to shoot. Unfortunately, there is little pleasure in loading cartridges manually: not only is it difficult and time-consuming, but also physically painful. Constant loading may spoil the whole impression of the day spent on a shooting range, and we go there to have fun, right? Well, there is a device that can spare us the headache of loading cartridges manually - a magazine loader. The name is pretty self-explanatory: it is a device that loads cartridges into the magazine. It is sometimes called a ‘thumb saver’ and not without a reason - magazine loaders alleviate the whole loading process immensely. They are, however, not universal - you will need a separate device for each caliber.

Magazine loaders for revolvers stand out from the crowd and have a name of their own - speedloaders. They are used for simultaneous loading of multiple revolver chambers. These devices fit revolvers with swing-out and top-break cylinders.

Base Pads

Base pads (sometimes called floor plates) are mounted on the bottom of the magazine. They offer several useful features that are highly appreciated by competitive shooters but can be useful to hobbyists as well. Base pads give you more gripping surface when reloading, add length to the magazine to make the loading process easier and add additional weight to help the mag free-fall once it’s empty.

Gritr Sports has a vast collection of all kinds of magazine accessories. We have the best magazine loaders, magazine extensions and adapters, wraps, and many other things. Gritr Sports work with the most reliable brands that have proved themselves through their work. Whether you look for an HKS speedloader, Maglula loader, or anything from the long list of accessories produced by Magpul, you can find all of it here.