Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats

If you’ve seen them once, you’ll never mistake them for anything else. Cowboy hats, authentic in their designs, have been around since the second half of the 19th century and have never gone out of fashion. Sure, there were periods of increased and decreased popularity, but American cowboy hats became so deeply ingrained in a western fashion that it’s hard to imagine them becoming outdated. Classic never gets old, and cowboy hats will most certainly stay with us as long as we have something to carry them on. 

Types of Cowboy Hats

The exact number of cowboy hat styles is hard to pinpoint. If we talk about cowboy hat shapes, then there are three basic features that distinguish one hat from another. Those are crown height, brim shape, and number and shape of indentations. If we take these features for classification basis, then the major styles are the Cattleman, Dakota, Gambler, Gus, and Nevada. Modern designs were heavily influenced by traditional Stetson cowboy hats, introduced in 1865, with Boss of the Plains being the most iconic model of all. It was a felt cowboy hat with a high crown and no creases. You’ll rarely see anyone wearing this style nowadays, but its influence on western hats is undeniable. 

Cowboy Hat Materials

The choice of materials for cowboy hats is as varied as the styles. It will mostly depend on the weather and climate. Felt cowboy hats are warm and durable and hold their shape well. Straw cowboy hats are lighter and more breathable. Less popular but not unheard of, leather is another option for cowboy hats. Some straw models also feature a chin cord as an additional measure that prevents a hat from flying away.

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