Tactical Belts

Tactical Belts

Tactical Belts

Tactical gun belts are designed for carrying weapons and other equipment on the waist or over the shoulder. Such an accessory has been known since the times of ancient Egypt. A lot has changed since ancient times, but the demand for these products and their popularity has remained unchanged. Nowadays, tactical belts and accessories are an integral part of hunting, angling, and even casual outfits. 

The tactical belt has several important advantages:

  • Increased level of strength. The belt is designed for carrying heavy loads in different weather conditions. Most models are protected from mechanical damages, abrasion, and other problems.
  • Stylish design. These are accessories without bright colors and inappropriate decorations.
  • A long period of use. Most products can serve you for a long life, due to the high-quality materials utilized in manufacture.

Types of tactical belts

  • Unloading belt. It fixes heavy equipment at the waist, unloading the back muscles. Such a belt has gained wide popularity among hunters, fishermen, and all outdoor lovers who need to carry heavy loads.
  • Safety belt. It not only fixes heavy loads but also it can be used as a safety harness in extreme situations. Climbers and tourists usually buy this model.
  • Classic belts. They are suitable for attaching various equipment. Such belts are usually made of synthetic fabric. This accessory distributes the load between the hips and legs.

Tactical belts are made of genuine leather, nylon, polyester, or cotton.

  • The best tactical belts are leather ones. They are durable, such belts can withstand different weather conditions. However, they are heavy enough for daily use. 
  • Cotton military tactical belts are the cheapest. But at the same time, they quickly get wet and lose their appearance. 
  • The most popular mens tactical belts are synthetic ones. They are lightweight, durable, and resistant to abrasion and deformation. Such belts do not absorb water and have a long service life. 

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