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A pistol grip is a part of a firearm. It has been used in firearms since the 15th century. Gun grips of that time were wooden. The shape of such handles influenced increasing range and accuracy requirements. 

Nowadays, pistol grips give out high rates on ergonomics and durability. Up-to-date pistol grips have a comfortable anatomical shape. Most grips have an internal compartment for various useful little things, for example, for batteries for a red dot sight. Mounting pistol grips on weapons is not difficult for the user and does not require a gunsmith. 

Most pistols have a flat and uncomfortable grip, which is made of sharp plastic. However, grip texture is important. It’s usually made of:

  • Rubber. Such grips are easy to hold and they maintain a constant temperature because rubber is not a good conductor of heat. Rubber grips are pleasant to the touch and comfortable since rubber has some resilience to help absorb recoil. Rubberized grips prevent the hand from slipping and are confidently held even with a frozen, sweaty, or injured hand.
  • Polymer. Some firearms have the grips molded into the polymer frame. Almost all polymer frames have interchangeable grips. 
  • Wood. Old handguns are likely to have wooden grips. Wooden grips have a finish to help them resist the moisture of your hand, and linseed or tung oil help maintain that finish.

When handling different handguns, it is important to evaluate the grips, grip angle, and trigger reach. There may be handguns that measure out with similar dimensions, but one will fit better than another. The angle of the grip compared to the bore centerline is important. 

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