Air Pistols

Air Pistols

Air Pistols

So, you’ve made a decision - you’re going to buy a pistol for defense or tactical activities. But do you need to buy a live system right away? The last few years have demonstrated a massive surge in people’s interest in guns, and the industry has got many new users with no shooting background. And since you’ll have to learn how to manipulate and shoot a semi-automatic pistol from scratch anyway, why not start with an air pistol?

Why Buy an Air Pistol?

First of all, if you’ve never encountered an air pistol, you should know it’s not a toy. Yes, air pistols shoot small projectiles and are significantly less powerful than real guns, but they can injure or even kill a person under particular conditions. So never treat an air gun as a toy.

So, why might you need one if you live in a free state that allows you to have a real gun that fires live ammo? If you consider buying a semi-auto pistol for self-defense, you must polish your manipulation and marksmanship skills to avoid mistakes in high-stress situations. An air handgun that mimics controls, weight, trigger pull, and overall design of its live version can help.

Gritr Sports carries lots of pellet airgun replicas of well-known semi-automatic handguns such as H&K VP9, Smith & Wesson M&P, Sig Sauer 320, Sig Sauer P365, Walther PPQ, and many others. Most of these airsoft pistols cost less than a hundred dollars and will help you develop drawing, manipulating, reloading, and aiming skills to apply them to a real gun.

Since air pistols use BBs or pellets, the cost of training lowers, and the ammo availability is not an issue anymore. Though the .22 LR cartridge is great for training because it’s cheap and gives you the experience of shooting live rounds with soft recoil, the .22 LR ammo can be hard to find. Pellets and BBs for air pistols, on the other hand, are widely available.

Air Pistols for Sale

At Gritr Sports, you’ll find airgun replicas of the most popular pistols as well as individual pistol models from Crosman, Air Venturi, Valken, and other manufacturers.