M4 Rifles

M4 Rifles

M4 Rifles

No, we are not selling the same M4s that are in service with the military. Yes, every M4 carbine you’ll see here complies with the requirements for civilian-allowed rifles and is not regulated by the National Firearms Act. No, this is not clickbait to get attention from those seeking an automatic carbine. Who do you take us for? We are law-abiding citizens. We don’t make the rules, though: some manufacturers incorporate the colt M4 part in their products’ names, and people don’t stop typing “Colt M4 carbine” in the search box, so we have to go with the flow on this one. The path to legally buying a genuine tactical M4 carbine is onerous and tiresome, not to mention a small fortune you’ll have to part with in order to get one. Here you can find semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles with a barrel not shorter than 16 in. featuring some parts commonly found in M4s.

M4 Carbine

Before we get down to details, let’s determine what an original M4 carbine is. This carbine was designed to meet the need of the military for an M16-style firearm with a shorter barrel for more comfortable close quarters operations. The M4 carbine featured a 14.5” barrel and could operate in a burst fire mode. The fire rate was later upgraded to a full-automatic level, which made the trigger pull more consistent and improved general accuracy. However, the usage of either select fire or fully automatic M4 carbine rifles is restricted to military and law enforcement agencies. No citizen can legally own any machine gun registered in the U.S. after May 19, 1986. There is a very obvious loophole: if you find a firearm registered before that time, you can give it a shot while remaining within the law. Unfortunately for all M4 lovers, the carbine was introduced in 1994, and thus every true M4 ever produced is out of reach for us mere mortals. But if you have ever read any “M4 vs. AR15” article, you’d know that AR-15 is the ancestor of both M4 and M16. They share more similarities than you might think and are virtually the same rifle except for fire rate and barrel length.

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Are M4 and AR-15 the same?

While the civilian M4 and AR-15 rifles have many similarities, they are not the same. The M4 has a shorter 14.5-inch barrel, while the AR-15 typically has a longer barrel (16 inches or more).

Is the M4 or AR-15 more powerful?

The power of a firearm is typically gauged by its caliber, muzzle velocity, and energy. Both the M4 and AR-15 are chambered for the same .223/5.56 NATO round, so their power in terms of bullet caliber is essentially equal. However, there might be some differences in muzzle velocity and energy due to the barrel length. The M4 has a shorter barrel length (14.5 inches) compared to a standard AR-15 (16 inches or more). The shorter barrel can result in slightly lower muzzle velocity and energy, which might technically make the M4 slightly less powerful in that regard.

What caliber does the M4 Rifle use?

The M4 rifle typically uses the .223 Remington or 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge but there are models in 9mm, 6.5 Creedmoor, and other popular rifle calibers.

How much does an M4 Rifle cost?

Prices for M4 Rifles can vary based on brand, model, and condition. Generally, they can range from $500 to over $4000. Standard mil-spec M4 rifles are an ideal starting point for anyone not experienced with the AR-15 platform. And for the high-end M4 rifles, you can expect outstanding quality right out of the box. One of the standout features of the M4 is its customizability. It allows you to begin with a solid, reliable rifle and progressively upgrade it to suit your specific requirements over time.

Can I legally own an M4 rifle?

Yes, you can legally own an M4 rifle in the US, but there are certain conditions and restrictions. A civilian cannot own a genuine military specification M4 carbine in a select-fire or fully automatic configuration. However, you can own a semi-automatic version of the M4 that complies with your state laws. If you wish to own an M4 carbine with a barrel of 14.5 inches or less, you must fill out the ATF form, pay a $200 fee, and transfer it through a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). Generally speaking, you can legally own an M4 if you comply with federal, state, and local laws.

How the M4A1 is different from the M4?

The M4 and M4A1 are both part of the M16 family, made for modern combat, but they have key differences. The M4 has a three-round burst mode and semi-automatic fire to save ammo and provide better control. The M4A1, however, has a fully automatic mode for continuous fire, useful in close combat. The M4A1 also has a heavier barrel to handle the heat and wear from fully automatic fire.