Making Order

How do I know if an item is in stock?

You can check if your item of interest is in stock right on the product page. If a product page contains only one item and it is available at the moment, the “Add To Cart” button will be red. We remove from the search all products that are currently not in stock, so you simply won’t find such an item. If you have a direct link to the product page of a presently unavailable item, the “Add To Cart” button will be gray. If the product page contains several items (for example, clothing pages), all models, currently unavailable, will be crossed with a gray line, and the “Add To Cart” button will be of the same gray color.

Do you accept backorders?

Gritr Sports doesn’t accept backorders. However, we offer you an opportunity to stay updated on the product’s current condition. If an item is out of stock, a pop-up window will appear. Enter your email, and we will notify you once the product is back in stock.

Are there any restrictions on orders?

We cannot keep you from ordering anything from our website. However, some restrictions don’t allow us to fulfill some orders. Gritr Sports sells firearms, ammunition, and other shooting sports products. All of them are heavily regulated product categories. For example, we cannot ship ammunition to Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, and US territories. Additionally, residents of several states may be subject to additional restrictions and require shipment to a Federally licensed dealer. We also can’t sell handguns to those under 21. To avoid situations when you buy an item that cannot be shipped to your location, please check out our US Shipping page, which contains all the information you need to make an informed purchase.
If it is your first time buying a firearm online and you don’t know all the peculiarities involved, we have a guide that can answer any questions you might have.

I want to buy a firearm or a suppressor. What do I need to know?

Buying guns online is not rocket science, but it’s a bit more complicated than regular purchases. We have comprehensive guides on buying a firearm or a suppressor online. To put it shortly, you will need to find a local FFL dealer and have them send us a copy of a valid and signed FFL license with your name and order number. Once the paperwork is complete, we will send your order to the dealer. If you buy a suppressor, you will also need to pay a $200 tax per every NFA item you buy ($400 for two suppressors, and so on).

I learned about local restrictions after I made an order. Am I doomed?

No, you are definitely not. It would be unfair of us to take your money and not send you anything. If you are not aware of local restrictions while making an order, we will explain them to you when we cancel it. We spare no effort to keep up with regulation laws, but there are many states and only so many of us. The ultimate compliance is up to you. Here’s the list of State Restrictions you might want to read before you shop.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

We would strongly recommend that you weigh all the pros and cons before you click the final button. You’ll need to fill in several forms before that, so you’ll have enough time to think about the purchase and maybe even the meaning of life in the process. Once you submit the order, you cannot alter or cancel it.


What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with a credit or debit card: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa are all viable. We also have gift certificates you can redeem on any purchase.

How do I purchase/ redeem a gift card?

Gift Certificates are hard to miss - they are right on the left of the Cart icon. Once you follow the link, you’ll see a gift certificate application form. The only information you need to fill in is your name and email, the name and email of the recipient, and the amount of money you wish to gift. Please, note that gift certificates are non-refundable and expire within 365 days. After you fill in all the necessary information, you can add the gift certificate to Cart as a regular purchase. 

If you want to redeem a gift certificate, you can do so by typing your certificate code, which is emailed to you as an attachment, into the corresponding box of your shipping cart. You can check your gift certificate balance on this page.

I have a unique and priceless item I’m willing to barter. Can I do so?

We do not depreciate the value of your items, but we are an online store, not an antique shop. We will not exchange our goods for any dress worn only once by an Oscar-winning star for some Awards night. You can sell it online and then return to us - we will be more than willing to cooperate.

Do you offer any discounts?

Discounts are frequent occasions on our website. If an item is discounted, the product page will show you both the new price and the old one. If you happen to have a coupon, you can redeem it in your shopping cart. We also offer a 5% discount for the military active, retired, and veterans, but it is only applicable for in-store purchases.

Do you have a layaway plan?

We do offer a layaway plan, but only for in-store purchases. If you happen to live in North Richland Hills, TX, you can use this option. There are several requirements you must meet, and all of them are enlisted on this page.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer two types of free shipping!
Free Ground Shipping: Selected items on our website are eligible for free ground shipping. This service is cost-effective and reliable, with delivery typically within 7 days, depending on your location.
Shot Free Shipping on Firearms: For select firearms, we provide free expedited shipping, which includes 1- or 2-day delivery times. This allows you to receive your purchase quickly and safely, without any additional cost.
Please note that the availability of free shipping is item-specific and will be clearly indicated on the product's page. Be sure to check the product details for the shipping options available for your desired items.

How do I calculate the shipping cost of my order?

All product pages have a “Zip Code” box. You can enter your zip code - and the cost will be automatically calculated. There are several shipping options you can choose from, and all of them have their price displayed.

Can I pick up the order myself?

Yes, you can. Items available for pickup have a corresponding badge on the product page. Once your order is processed and ready for pickup, our customer service representative will contact you. You can also call us to check the availability of immediate pickup. Our number is 800-486-7497. The pickup option is available for our only brick-and-mortar store in North Richland Hills.

When will you ship my order?

We will ship your order once we process it. Even though we strive for quick processing, depending on the season and number of orders, it may take us from 3 to 5 business days to process your order.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

There are several shipping options with different arrival times. We send all items via USPS and UPS, so you can choose the shipping method that seems most appealing to you. Here you can find approximate dates of arrival for UPS options. Note that the estimated arrival time is approximate. We also carry no responsibility for any weather-related delays and other acts of God.

Can I reroute my order?

We hope that it is not a misfortune that made you change your location, but once you submit the order, we can change nothing about it. Make sure to double-check your shipping address before placing the order.

How do I track my order?

You can find all the information regarding your order in your account. Click on “Orders” to see all items you’ve purchased. Select the item you want to track. If the order has been already processed and shipped, you will see the date of shipment and tracking number. If there is no tracking information available, that means your order is still being processed.

The tracking number shows that the order has been delivered. But I didn’t receive it!

If the tracking number shows that the item is at your place, it is unlikely to lie. Maybe somebody you live with received the package. You might also ask your neighbors if they took the parcel. The courier might have left your order in a less conspicuous place to protect it from weather and theft. Check your back porch, bushes, garage entrance, or grill.

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and Military Addresses (APO/FPO)?

Yes, we ship items to all the locations mentioned. However, such an order will take more time to arrive, and several item categories are banned from shipment to the places mentioned. Check out our US Shipping and State Restriction pages to learn more about the topic. You can also check if an item can ship to your current location by entering your ZIP code on the product page. If the shipment is unavailable, a corresponding red phrase will notify you.

Do you ship internationally?

We deal in goods that are heavily regulated by US laws. The majority of items we sell are banned from export. That’s why we do not ship internationally.

Order Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds

I want to return an item. Can I do that?

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it to us for a full refund or exchange it for a different item. The item must be in the same condition you received it: it should not have been used (worn, mounted, broken) and should be packaged in the original manufacturer’s packaging with all original contents included. This page has comprehensive answers for all questions connected with returns, exchanges, and refunds.

Are there any items I cannot return?

There are several product categories we do not accept returns for: - Ammo - Firearms, transferred from the dealer to the end-user, - Installed goods (rifle optics, scope mounts, rings, bases, and flashlights) that have been mounted - Custom order items - Hazardous items

Do you offer a 30-day return window?

All items should be returned within thirty days. If you’ve missed the set deadline, the only thing you can do is contact the manufacturer to solve issues like repair, replacement, etc.

What do I need to conduct a return?

If your item is in line with all the requirements, you will need to receive a Return Authorization Number. Send us your first and last name, contact email or phone, order number, and reason for return. If you use email, write RA Request into the subject line. The request will take 2-3 days for us to process. After that, we will send you an RA form with an RA number. You must include the form in your return and write the number on the box you will send the item in. We reserve the right to reject the return and send it back at your cost if the package has no RA number. The RA number is valid for only ten days, so don’t waste the precious time you have.

Are there any restocking fees?

Gritr Sports doesn’t charge any restocking fees for items returned in compliance with our return policy. If any of the requirements are violated, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of up to 15% of the total cost.

How do exchanges and refunds work?

You should indicate both of your intentions when you contact us for a RA form. If you want an exchange, you should also specify the item you wish to change for. If there is a price difference, we will ask you to cover it or issue a refund for the balance once the exchange item is shipped. Note that we can only issue a refund or send an exchange item after we receive and process the returned item.

I received a defective item. And I will not stand for this!

And you should not! Even though this is a rare case, we are always prepared to solve such issues. If you are within 30 days (from the moment of the receipt), you can either send the package back to us for a refund or exchange, or send it directly to the manufacturer. If you contact the manufacturer about warranty defects, they may send you an upgraded model. That is not guaranteed, but many cases ended in this manner.

The item I received is different from the one I ordered. Is this a planned operation?

Not at all, situations like these are scarce in our practice. If such an occasion should happen to you, please notify our customer service at once. We will provide you with a return label for the mis-shipped item and send the right one once we receive the mis-shipped one. If you don’t want to wait, we will ask you for payment to secure the reshipment. We will return the money for the mistakenly sent item once we receive it.

Pricing and Sales Tax

Is there a sales tax to begin with?

In addition to the virtual space, we also have a place of our own in the good old state of Texas. As many of you know, Texas is one of the few states that doesn’t have a state income tax. What we do have is Sales Tax, and we must collect it on every sale made to Texas shipping addresses. Texans will need to cover a sales tax of 8.25%. Other states may have sales taxes of their own. You can contact the Department of Revenue office in your state to learn more on the topic.

Item’s price changed when I added it to the cart. Is this a scam?

There are several possible reasons for this, and none of them is fraud. The first variant is that you look at the final price, with shipping and tax added to the items’ subtotal. We do not offer free shipping and add sales tax to every purchase, so the price that you see on the product page won’t coincide with the amount of money you’ll pay. The second possible reason is that you added an item some time ago and didn’t check on it for a while. Prices may change, discounts may expire, and products in your cart are not immune to those changes. In that case, you can double-check the price on the product page.

I bought an item for $0, but it never came. Why should you do this to me?

The early bird catches the worm, ha? We spare no effort on keeping all listings and product pages in good shape, yet we are but humans, no more, no less. Sometimes, we make mistakes. Mistakes connected with pricing, descriptions, images, or some other content. We understand the immediate urge to buy something at the fair and square price of $0, but we will nevertheless cancel such orders once we notice the mistake.

I want to pay in Ugandan shillings. Can I do so?

We cherish the variety of world currencies, but all deals are made in dollars. And no, not in any currency with a “dollar” in its name, let your Eastern Caribbean dollars rest on the shelf. All purchases are made in US Dollars.