Ammunition Cases & Cans

Ammunition Cases & Cans

Ammunition Cases & Cans

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You’ve probably heard about computer games. They are not a new invention by any means and have been around for a while. Among many types of games, there are shooters. If you have ever played one, you know how convenient it is to shoot in those games. Not only in terms of easy sighting and lack of tangible recoil but especially in terms of ammo storing. The only thing you need to do is find a round or a magazine - and voilà - there is it, somewhere in your infinite pockets. The reality, however, is less convenient in that regard. Depending on what type of firearm you have and how much you plan on shooting, you may need to have several magazines on your person. And in contrast to video games, your pockets are limited.

Why fill up your pockets with cartridges and worry that some might get lost on the way when you can store all of them in one place? Paperboard manufacturer-supplied ammo boxes can house a set number of cartridges but are hardly convenient to transport. Ammunition boxes, on the other hand, are full-fledged storage boxes designed specifically to store a big number of rounds and shells. Of course, such ammo storage boxes might be excessive for concealed carry and self-defense handguns, but they became very handy when hunting or target shooting. And it’s not only about convenience. Even though we no longer need to worry about gunpowder getting wet (our ancestors had to be extra careful not to let it soak), ammunition still relies on the propellant compound that needs to be ignited to make the shooting possible. Although cartridge cases are sealed, and no rain can damage them enough to cause malfunctioning, you can never be too cautious. Moreover, if you engage in waterfowl hunting, there is always a risk of dropping your ammo case into the water. Complete submersion is different from exposure to the rain or snow, and it is highly recommended not to risk shooting ammunition that was previously submerged. But with ammo cans, you have nothing to fear, as a water-resistant O-ring seal won’t let any liquid inside. A locking ammo box is a real asset for everyone who plans on shooting a lot and needs a place to store ammunition.

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