Western Clothing

Western Clothing

Women's & Men's Western Clothing for Sale

GRITR Sports isn’t just some store that markets random sporting goods. We strive to promote American culture by offering high-quality items that represent it. America loves guns because, for a long time, it was a must-have survival tool for the Frontier settlers. Our ancestors used revolvers to defend their lives and the lives of their families and long-barrel firearms to hunt and deter wild animals. But what else is associated with the Old West and American culture? That’s right, cowboys!

The cowboy lifestyle required practical, well-built wear adapted for day-long horseback riding. A wide-brim hat and a bandana gave shade to the head and shoulders, proved useful during the Gold Rush, denim pants served well in the prairies of the Old West, and chaps protected the jeans from thorny bushes.

Over time, traditional western outfits diversified into more fashionable ones. So today, you can come across both fashion-forward western dresses from Shein and more conventional patterned-yoke men’s western shirts. Now, GRITR Sports provides high-quality, high-style western clothes for women and men from big-name brands.

How to Build a Western Outfit

The core of an authentic western outfit for men is the shirt. Traditionally, a cowboy shirt is characterized by the yoke having a contrasting color or pattern. However, contemporary cowboys often wear plaid shirts or shirts with some sort of ethnic pattern. Then, you need a cool western leather jacket, a duster, or a leather vest if you want to keep it more casual. Tie a bandana or bolo-tie, put a gorgeous hat on, and get a cowboy belt with a big buckle, and you’re good to go.

Women’s western fashion has very few rules. For a more cowboy-ish look, you can go with jeans, a women’s western shirt with a beautiful yoke, a hat, and a western fringe jacket. Or, if you want to build a fashionable women’s western outfit, choose a prairie dress and high boots.

Rediscover GRITR Sports as a western apparel store today!