Scopes positively influence aiming at distant targets. That’s why hunting and long-range shooting rarely goes without one. Besides riflescopes, there are also handgun and shotgun scopes.

The major difference between a rifle and a handgun scope is eye relief, the distance to the surface closest to the face within which the user can get a full viewing angle. Usually, eye relief in riflescopes is within 80-90mm, whereas handgun scope eye relief ranges within 400-600mm. Also, most pistol scopes feature fixed magnification (typically from 2x to 6x), though there are models with magnification variability, for example, 2-7x or 2.5-8x. Since rifles have a broader application spectrum and riflescopes are easier to operate in dynamics, riflescopes with variable magnification are more popular. However, range variability comes more expensive.

Such long-established brands as Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, Vortex, and Burris manufacture state-of-the-art competition, hunting, and tactical riflescopes and handgun scopes.

Red dot scopes come with magnification and use a red-dot reticle projected internally and visible only to the viewer. Such optics allows for faster target acquisition and more accurate aiming.

Mounting a Scope

Rings, mounts, and bases attach a scope to your firearm. Scope bases are necessary if your rifle or handgun doesn’t feature an integrated scope-mounting ability. Scope mounts serve as a unifying link between your gun and scope. There are single-piece scope mounts and scope rings.

A 1-piece scope mount is a base with two rings attached to it. They are naturally more rigid and are preferred for high-recoiling guns or long-range systems that shoot powerful rounds. Scope rings are much lighter than a single-piece mount but are harder to align.

Scopes For Sale

The brands mentioned for scopes produce durable, high-quality scope mounting solutions, however, turn your attention to Weaver and Warne scope rings and mounts as well.

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