Pistol Sights

Pistol Sights

Pistol Sights

Some people say that pistols need no sights, that they encumber the frame and don’t look in place. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as there is no situation when a pair of sights would be a hindrance. Nowadays, pistol sights come in a variety of compact options, including red dot, iron, and night sights. Among them, red dot and night sights have grown increasingly popular among handgun users. The former allows for quick and precise target acquisition, while the latter allows the shooter to remain accurate in low-light situations. While night sights enjoy their place under the sun, their predecessors, iron sights, too have a place in the spotlight, even if they are no longer as popular.

Pistol Iron Sights

When it comes to iron sights, there are various options such as fixed, adjustable, and fiber-optic. Fixed sights, as the name suggests, are non-adjustable and rely on the shooter's skill to aim accurately. Adjustable pistol sights allow for elevation and windage adjustments, which makes them more versatile. Lastly, fiber-optic pistol sights contain a small tube that collects and focuses light, providing a bright and clear sight picture in various lighting conditions. Ultimately, the type of iron sight a shooter prefers may depend on personal preference and shooting style.

Pistol Night Sights

Night sights provide an illuminated sight picture in low-light conditions. They are also known as fiber optic sights. They amplify the collected light, allowing it to glow in the dark for several hours after being exposed to light. This feature is essential for those who carry their pistol for self-defense purposes or participate in nighttime shooting events. The night sights are very compact and don’t hinder drawing in any way, meaning you can use them for your concealed-carry weapon.

Gritr Sports boasts a wide selection of handgun sights. Whether you are looking for a compact red dot, a set of adjustable iron sights, or state-of-the-art night sights, we can cater to your needs. We work with such industry-leading brands as Truglo, Trijicon, AmeriGlo and others brands to deliver you the best products the market has to offer.


What type of sight is most common for pistols?

Many pistols come with preinstalled iron sights, 3 dot models or something similar. The most popular aftermarket option is night sights. Some handgun manufacturers even cooperate with night sights producers to create pistols with pre-installed night sights.

Are pistol night sights worth it?

Night sights have proved to be a great addition to any handgun configuration. They alleviate the target acquisition process and don’t become useless in low-light conditions.

How are iron sights and night sights different?

The main difference between the two, despite sometimes similar appearances, is performance in low-light conditions and structural differences. A night sight feature tubes filled with chemicals that absorb the light directed onto it. It then amplifies the gathered light to glow in the darkness. An iron sight features a relatively simple yet reliable construction. However, they offer little assistance in low-light conditions.