7.62x39 ammo

7.62x39 ammo

7.62x39 ammo, better known as the cartridge for the Kalashnikov assault rifle, went down in history. This cartridge was the main one for many countries of the world for a long time.

7.62x39 Ammunition For Sale

An intermediate cartridge is a cartridge that, according to its characteristics, would be between pistol and rifle cartridges. The idea of creating such ammo appeared at the beginning of the previous century, and the first samples were manufactured in 1918. In the USSR such developments began in 1939 but were postponed due to the outbreak of war. The situation changed after Soviet military intelligence found the StG 44, a German assault rifle, in 1943. And in the same year, an intermediate cartridge was created.

After receiving the first test results of the new ammo, the cartridge was improved in order to increase its accuracy and penetration. The head part of the bullet was lengthened, which made it possible to improve the ballistic coefficient while maintaining the mass of the bullet. A rear cone reduced the air resistance to the flight of the bullet. After that, steel replaced the lead core. The main reason for the use of low-carbon steel was not an increase in the penetrating effect of a bullet, but saving scarce lead.

Types of 7.62x39 Ammo

A variety of modern cartridges in this caliber covers the entire spectrum of the needs of modern combat. 

  • Tracer Cartridges. They are designed for target designation and fire correction at firing ranges up to 3000 ft.
  • Armor-piercing Cartridges. These models have a higher penetration of solid barriers than any other cartridges.
  • Incendiary Cartridges. When a bullet hits the armor, the lead pallet compresses the incendiary composition and thereby ignites it. Such cartridges are suitable for destroying lightly armored targets and igniting fuel.

GRITR Sports offers 7.62x39 ammo for sale. Nowadays, a lot of different types of ammo are manufactured. However, bulk ammo 7.62x39 remains one of the most popular and widespread cartridges in the world.