AR-10/308 Magazines

AR-10/308 Magazines

AR-10/308 Magazines

We all love our AR-15 platform, but everything in our world has its limitations, and the AR-15 isn’t an exception. In particular, chambered in 5.56 NATO with an overall length of 2.260 inches, it’s considered a short-action rifle. As you may know, its big brother, the AR-10, is chambered for .308 Winchester. When the .308 emerged, it became the measure against which all cartridges were judged. The cartridge had an overall length of 2.8 inches, which became the highest point for the length of short-action rounds. Any cartridge longer than 2.8 inches was considered a long-action cartridge.

Still, for the sake of the AR-15 vs. AR-10 discussion, we can allow that the .308 is a long(er)-action cartridge, and therefore it has more powder, which translates into more power on impact. That’s why a .308 rifle is considered a good option for hunting big game, while hinting with the 5.56 NATO standard AR-15 cartridge is illegal in some states.

In some cases, people may want a new magazine for their rifle because the old one is malfunctioning or lacks capacity. So, we offer a selection of the best AR-10 magazines from reputable brands.

When Is It Time to Change Your AR-10/.308 Magazine?

As we’ve mentioned, there are two reasons for changing the magazine of your .308 rifle. The first one is when you want an additional mag or want to change the capacity. The second reason is the wear out. Inspect your magazine for cracks and dents. Pay attention to the feed lips. Damaged or worn-out feed lips can cause feeding issues. Also, check how your mag works when inserted into the mag well. Does it drop freely when you hit the mag release? Does the bolt of your AR-10 lock back on the empty magazine?

If you’ve found some issues, you need a new .308 magazine.

Metal vs. Polymer AR-10 Magazine

Both materials make reliable magazines. However, remember? Everything has limitations. So, metal magazines are harder to deform but not impossible if sufficient force is applied. The lips of a metal mag can seem fine but will still cause issues because of a deformation too small to notice with the naked eye. A polymer mag deforms easier, but the damage is far easier to detect.

At Gritr Sports, we offer polymer and metal mags manufactured by Armalite, ProMag, HexMag, and others. We stock standard 20-round magazines, AR-10 30-round magazine options, and even 50-round AR-10 drum mags.