Firearms are a perfect example of mechanisms where every component is crucial. Remove one internal part - and the gun won’t shoot, potentially causing quite a ruckus. However, some parts are naturally more noticeable than the others, and thus draw more attention from the viewers and imprint in their memories as a significant one. If we were to make a list of such components, barrels would easily make it to the top 3. Being a crucial part of any firearm-type weapon, a gun barrel also happens to be one of the primary candidates for upgrades. 

A firearm barrel comprises several components. One of them is not visible and thus might be perceived as a separate gun part. It is, however, important to understand the anatomy of this gun part to understand what you are getting. At one end of the barrel, there is a chamber. That is a cavity that houses the cartridge ready to be fired. In the majority of firearms, the chamber is an integral part of the barrel, with revolvers being the only exception. Don’t be surprised to see that a barrel has some rectangular cavity at one end - this is the way most of them are made. 

Rifle Barrels

The bore is the internal lumen of the barrel. That is the place where a projectile gains acceleration when fired. Depending on the type of firearm, bore walls might be smooth or rifled (containing helical grooves along the whole length of the barrel). Shotguns are the main variety of smoothbore small arms, while rifles and handguns tend to have rifled bores. You can’t go wrong with choosing one of those two simply because they are all chambered in different calibers. Some rifles and handguns may share a caliber, like 9mm ones, but the barrel length of those two types is drastically different. 

The muzzle is the front end of the barrel, where the projectile leaves the bore. Since this is the last point of contact between the barrel and the projectile, precise machining of this part of the barrel is crucial to prevent the bullet from straying from the intended course. Some muzzles are threaded on the exterior to allow mounting muzzle attachments like suppressors or flash hiders.

Gun Barrels For Sale

Gritr Sports has hundreds of gun barrels for sale. We work with the most reliable brands to bring you the best products one can find on the market. If you are an avid gun enthusiast, you are likely to spot at least several familiar names here. You can choose from Ballistic Advantage, Lone Wolf, Mossberg, True Precision barrels, and several other popular brands like Sig Sauer and Rival Arms. 

What types of firearms barrels do you offer?

We offer a wide range of firearm barrels, including rifle, handgun, and tactical barrels for a variety of applications.

How are your firearm barrels different from other brands?

Our firearm barrels are made from high-quality materials and precise engineering to ensure superior performance and accuracy. Additionally, our customer service team is ready to help you find the perfect barrel for your needs.

What lengths do your firearm barrels come in?

We offer firearm barrels in multiple lengths depending on the type of gun you have. Our rifle and handgun barrels are available in standard length as well as bull barrel versions with longer lengths for increased accuracy and performance.

How should I care for my firearm barrel?

To keep your firearm barrel in peak condition, it is important to regularly clean and oil it after use, and store it carefully when not in use. Additionally, it is important to inspect it periodically for any signs of wear that could affect its performance or accuracy.