Drag Bags

Drag Bags

Drag Bags

Drag bags are traditionally used by snipers who drag their rifle and related gear behind them while crawling into position for a shot. Once put on the ground, the users can then pull the bag up alongside them and access their rifles without giving their position away. In addition to a usual strap for carrying the bag on your shoulder, these bags also have a sturdy strap that allows you to drag the bag along the floor. The bottom of the bag is lined with strips of heavy-duty canvas to help while dragging. 

The tac ops drag bag has plenty of external storage space with large pockets. Shooting mats are stored in a large pocket on the underside of the drag bags. Drag bags shooting mats are perfect for long-range shooting or hunting. They are suitable even for tall shooters. These comfortable mats will protect you from dirt, rocks, and wet surfaces.

The drag bag ensures the safety of the rifle. Snipers use lightweight, durable, and water-repellent bags. Such an accessory protects the rifle from moisture, dirt, and dust. The weapon is well protected and securely fixed in a bag. Some models have special mounts for the barrel and buttstock, as well as a pocket for cartridges.

Best Bags Materials for Every Need

Sniper drag bags are made of:

  • Genuine leather. Bags, which are made of genuine leather, are comfortable in any condition and protect the rifle well. Leather products are durable. High-quality accessories are used in production. 
  • Nylon. Reliable nylon threads withstand temperature changes and external aggressive influences. 
  • Cordura. It’s a mixture of thick and durable nylon used in a wide variety of products including luggage, backpacks, and military wear. This fabric has a special thread structure and waterproof impregnation. 

There are a lot of advantages in using a drag bag as your go-to gun case. They are rugged and can handle abuse while keeping your rifle protected, and most models have plenty of pockets for extra gear and ammo. Certain models also have pack straps so that you can wear them like a backpack while traveling.