Sight Magnifiers

Sight Magnifiers

Sight Magnifiers

Red dot sights are acquired for a number of things, but magnification is never on the list. That’s the thing with sights - they don’t really offer any magnification, the overwhelming majority of them don’t. However, opting for scopes isn’t always the best solution - handgun owners would agree. And yet, there is a thing that can mend this drawback. Red dot magnifiers are an essential accessory for anyone looking to expand the functionality of their gun sights. Red dot magnifiers are typically used in conjunction with a red dot sight but can work with any other sight that utilizes a collimated reticle image. This allows you to switch between low and high magnification quickly, without having to adjust your aim or position. The most popular type is the 3x magnifier, though zoom can range from 2-6x or so. 

Red Dot Magnifier Configurations

Sight magnifiers are mounted behind a red dot or whatever it is you use. They magnify everything you normally see through a sight, including the reticle of a red dot or holographic sight. While this doesn’t impede your accuracy in any serious way, it may become a hindrance in certain scenarios. To preserve the versatility users are trying to achieve when acquiring a red dot magnifier, manufacturers make them adjustable. Most magnifiers feature mounts that allow users to flip them to the side when they are not needed. You may call them flip-to-side magnifiers, and they are the most popular type out there. There are also stationery sight magnifiers that cannot be flipped. They usually feature quick detach mounts that allow you to dismount them relatively fast, but such a magnifier is still slower to operate than a regular flip-up magnifier.

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Is a magnifier worth it on a red dot?

Magnifiers make up for the biggest disadvantage sights have in comparison with scopes: lack of magnification. The best part is that you are not married to the decision of always shooting with a magnifier. The majority of red dot magnifiers feature a flip-to-side design, meaning they can be adjusted when not needed.

How far can you see with a 3x magnifier?

With a 3x magnifier, you can see up to three times farther than you would with the naked eye. This means that if you can normally see something at 100 yards away, with a 3x magnifier you could be able to see it from 300 yards away. However, remember that your depth of field will decrease as the magnification increases, so objects close to and far away from the target may not appear in full focus.

Are all red dot magnifiers mountable?

No, there are also handheld red dot magnifiers. They can feature higher zooming power, but they need to be held to use and that can be problematic with some firearms. You’d need to pick it up every time you want to use it, which is more burdensome than using a mountable one.