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Everyone with even the vaguest idea of a firearm knows that it is only good as long as it scores. Even the fanciest firearm is as useful as a billy club if you can’t land a shot. Precision is the shooter’s most reliable friend, and optical devices are essential for keeping that friend close. While rifle scopes are designed for long-distance target acquisition, sights are indispensable for close-to-mid distance shooting. The word “sights” can be used to denote any aiming device designed to assist the shooter in visually aligning ranged weapons. However, since telescopic sights are more commonly known as scopes, the word "sights" is left exclusively for those devices that lack optical magnification. Sights are not firearm-exclusive and are widely used on bows and crossbows. 

Firearm sights fall into two categories: simple and optical sights. Simple sights comprise from one to two pieces located on the front and rear parts of the firearm. Those elements are usually made from metal or plastic depending on their functionality: fixed sights that cannot be adjusted are mainly made from metal, whereas adjustable sights that feature some degree of flexibility are usually plastic. Two-piece sights require more skill to master, but they offer more precision in return. Simple sights can also be classified according to their form: open sights are V-shaped, while closed ones come in the form of an aperture. Simple sights are the signature products of such brands as Trijicon, Hiviz, and Truglo.

Optical sights simultaneously give the user an enhanced image and an aligned aiming point or a pattern, also known as a reticle. The reticle is superimposed onto the image alleviating the aiming process and target acquisition. Optical sights fall into several categories according to their functioning principle. The most popular firearm-compatible varieties are reflex sights, laser sights, and holographic sights. Optical sights are produced by a wide variety of brands, including Holosun, Crimson Trace, and Eotech.

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