Rifle Triggers & Parts

Rifle Triggers & Parts

Rifle Triggers 

Pulling the trigger​ is the final and most ​crucial stage of the ​whole shooting process. It ​sets in motion the​ chain of reactions that​ results in a round being ​fired. As such, rifle triggers​ are essential ​elements that significantly​ impact the performance, ​safety, and overall ​shooting experience of firearms. ​Despite their similar looks,​ triggers for ​various firearms are​ not interchangeable. ​Rifle triggers ​are a separate category ​that boasts its own ​classification. The main opposition here​ is single-stage vs. two-stage​ triggers. AR 15 single-stage​ triggers are popular for their​ simple, crisp pull with no ​initial resistance, making them​ perfect for rapid-fire ​or competitive​ shooting. A two-stage trigger, on the​ other hand, is often preferred​ by precision shooters because of​ the initial stage of resistance before a​ clean break in the second stage. The​ debate between single-stage​ vs. two-stage triggers often comes down ​to personal preference and shooting​ style. 

If you need more than a ​mere trigger, you might want to take a look at ​the trigger assembly, which includes​ all the parts that work together ​to fire the gun when the​ trigger is pulled. Those are most​ frequently sought after by AR-15 owners.​ There are also AR 15 trigger assembly​ kits available that ​include all the necessary parts​ for a complete trigger assembly​ upgrade. 

​Lastly, there are trigger guards, ​important for comfort and safety. They protect the​ trigger from accidental ​discharge while handling or transporting the​ firearm. Whether you're upgrading ​your current firearm or building a new one, ​Gritr Sports has you covered. ​We boast a wide ​selection of triggers and trigger​ assemblies, made by​ such brands as CMC Triggers, ​Timney Triggers, TriggerTech​ and others. 


What is the difference between a single-stage and a two-stage trigger?

A single-stage​ trigger has a direct, consistent pull ​with no initial resistance, which ​allows for rapid response. A two-stage​ trigger, on the other hand, ​has an initial stage of resistance​ before a clean break in the​ second stage, offering a kind of 'warning' before​ the shot is fire

What is included in an AR 15 trigger assembly kit?

An AR 15 trigger assembly​ kit typically includes all ​the parts necessary for a ​complete ​trigger assembly upgrade. ​This generally ​includes the trigger, hammer, ​springs, pins, and ​sometimes additional parts like​ a trigger guard ​or adjustable ​trigger.

What is the purpose of a trigger guard?

A trigger guard is​ a safety feature that ​surrounds the trigger of a​ firearm to help ​prevent accidental discharge. ​It protects the trigger from ​being accidentally pressed​ when handling, storing, or ​transporting the firearm.