7.62x39 Rifles

7.62x39 Rifles

7.62x39 Rifles

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With roots going deep into the ground of the former Soviet Union, 7.62x39 rifles have long ceased to be exclusively Russian guns. SKS and AK-47 pattern rifles have spread all over the world and can now be found almost in any country. Semi-automatic 7.62x39 rifles have been in production since 1944 and had enough time to show shooters what these guns are capable of. 

The development began in 1943 when Soviet military commanders voiced a request for an intermediate Soviet cartridge, which would be used in a whole range of infantry arms. Of 314 cartridge designs, only eight were physically constructed and tested. The initial cartridge was 41mm long, but after further tests, it was refined to its current form.

Three years after its establishment, the 7.62x39 cartridge was redesigned to have accuracy and penetration improved. The initial design lacked a boat tail since the developers thought it would only improve accuracy for long-distance shots. Further tests proved them wrong, showing boat tail enhancing accuracy at short-range shooting as well. To retain cartridge weight balance, the designers made a bullet heavier and adjusted the case sleeve length to keep the cartridge within the 39mm mark.

How did a 7.62 rifle appear on the U.S. market? It wasn’t until 1990 that these guns came to be used. Since the American Army had its standard rifle, a 7.62x39 was commonly used as a hunting weapon for game up to the size of a whitetail deer. Several AR-15 manufacturers have also produced 7.62x39 chambered options. These rifles have a lower cost of operation than 5.56x45mm ones due to high availability, cheap ammo, and a wide variety of manufacturers. 

7.62 x 39 For Sale

Here, on Gritr Sports, we have many 7.62x39 rifles for sale. We sell guns that bear the mark of quality of the best firearm-making brands. If you are acquainted with the market, you will recognize some names: M+M Industries, Century Arms, for example. We even have products by Kalashnikov USA, if you like brands with fancy names.