Tactical Footwear

Tactical Footwear

Tactical Footwear

Tactical footwear is an important element of the outfit of every hunter, tourist, and outdoor lover.

Modern tactical boots and sneakers look like casual footwear. However, tactical work boots are durable because they are designed for the hardest conditions. The best tactical footwear is suitable for hunting, fishing, military operations, and hiking.

Footwear is designed for summer, winter, and demi seasons. Summer tactical shoes are lightweight and breathable. Winter boots are warm and waterproof. The basic characteristics of demi-season models are moisture resistance and good absorbency. The colors are varied, so you can easily choose the right pair for your outfit.

Advantages of Tactical Footwear

Special footwear has the following advantages:

  • A special shape of the boots and the type of lacing will help protect your ankle from dislocations and bruises.
  • Membrane layers do not allow water to penetrate into the shoe through the outer layer. In some tactical models, Gore-Tex technology is used.
  • The outsole has good grip and cushioning properties. 

On GRITR Sports you may find shoes by such reliable brands as:

Merrell was founded in 1981 in the USA. Initially, the company sewed cowboy boots. The main feature of these shoes was that they were all handmade, and it took at least six months to create each pair. Thanks to the high-quality provided, Merrell quickly gained popularity. Today, the Merrell brand produces a wide variety of footwear for outdoor activities.

This company was launched in 2003 in the USA. The history of the 5.11 Tactical company began with the manufacture of clothing for climbers. The name 5.11 comes from the highest level of difficulty in climbing. Then the main direction of the company was the production of tactical equipment and the name was supplemented with the word “Tactical”. Today the 5.11 Tactical company produces footwear for hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts.

We give our customers a wonderful possibility to order footwear on GRITR Sports. We have tactical shoes of all sizes, both for men and women, in stock.