9mm Luger Ammo

9mm Luger Ammo

9mm Luger Ammo

9mm Luger (aka 9x19mm Parabellum, 9x19mm, 9mm) ammunition is the most popular cartridge among handgun owners today. Developed in 1901 by an Austrian firearm designer George Luger, it entered the market in 1902 manufactured by Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken. The round was heavily used during both World Wars, and then the increased popularity of semi-automatic handguns evidenced in the US in the 1980-1990s resulted in numerous police departments and law enforcement agencies adopting 9mm officially.

Let’s talk specs now. 9mm Luger is rimless tapered round having an overall length of 29,69mm. The case length is 0.754 in (19.15mm) and the bullet diameter is 0,355 in (9.01mm). Standard 9mm rounds can withstand the pressure of up to 35,000 psi.

One of the most used 9mm variants is designated as +P. It’s a higher-pressure cartridge (38,500 psi) having increased muzzle velocity.

So why exactly did 9mm Luger gain such broad appeal? First of all, 9mm ammo is compact. Due to the small size, 9mm chambered handguns can hold more rounds. The lightweight nature ensures a flat trajectory as the bullet drop is slower. It also makes them preferable for concealed carry.

9mm rounds have less recoil which makes a 9mm handgun easier to handle. 

The tapered case of the cartridge contributes to higher reliability and assists in insert and extraction.

9mm round production costs are low which makes them inexpensive for the end-user.


There are two popular 9mm ammo types: Full Metal Jacket and Jacketed Hollow Point. FMJ ammo features a lead core encased in a copper outer shell. JHP features a lead bullet with a hollow point. Different designs are intended for different occupations.

JHP is perfect for self-defense because it expands inside of a living target and inflicts more damage to it. FMJ, on the other hand, does not expand and has greater penetration power against soft targets. They are usually used for target shooting, not for self-defense because you can accidentally hit an innocent person standing in the zone of fire. FMJ is also cheaper.

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