Arrows & Bolts

Arrows & Bolts

Arrows & Bolts

Archery is an activity that can be fun and challenging at the same time, especially if you don't have the right equipment. Arrows are an essential part of bowhunting. That’s why it is important to know how to choose the right arrow. You must take into account the length and weight of arrows, as well as the material they are made of. All of these characteristics will help you choose the best hunting arrows.

How to choose the right arrow?

Hunting arrows are usually made of aluminum, carbon, or aluminum-carbon.

  • Aluminum is a relatively heavy material. Aluminum arrows are a great choice for freshmen. The penetration ability of the material is the highest among analogs. Aluminum arrows are suitable for compound bows because they are heavy and can transfer bow energy more efficiently. Moreover, crossbow bolts from this material are cheaper than carbon ones.
  • Carbon is a premium and expensive material. Carbon arrows are lightweight which allows the hunter to shoot at a distance of up to 150 ft. Carbon is a very strong and reliable material. Such arrows are an ideal choice for bow hunting because they are faster and much lighter than aluminum ones.
  • Aluminum-carbon is the best and versatile option for any hunter. Aluminum acts as armor, while carbon acts as a stabilizer. The mix of carbon and aluminum will help the hunter achieve his goal. Such arrows are used by all famous hunters and professional archers in the world.

The choice of tips for hunting arrows is essential for crossbow hunting. They are made in the form of sharp blades. They are designed to inflict maximum damage. The most popular model among hunters is the compound bow arrows with three blades. If you hit an animal with such an arrow, it will bleed profusely. So, a hunter can easily find his prey by a bloody trail. 

Hunters, who are looking for high accuracy, prefer crossbow bolts with fixed blades. The best crossbow bolts have a high penetrating power. The flight of the bolt is stable. These models do not get stuck in the skin or bones of animals.

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