Everyone knows that good paintball equipment guarantees an interesting and exciting game. The mandatory attributes of paintball gear are a marker, a mask, balls with paint, and much more.

The Best Paintball Gear

  • Paintball Loaders

Loaders are containers for balls with paint, which are installed on the marker. There are two types of loaders: gravity and electronic. Gravity loaders are suitable for mechanical markers, while electronic paintball loaders are ideal for electronic pneumatic weapons.

  • Face masks

A paintball mask belongs to obligatory equipment for paintball. Each player must have a paintball face mask to avoid injuries. A full face paintball mask protects eyes, ears, and mouth from paint. Masks can be divided into rental and sports. The best paintball mask is a sports one as it’s designed with double glass. A full head paintball mask is the safest option since it protects not only your face but also the neck.

  • Paintballs

The game is impossible without balls. They are one of the main equipment for the game. They are divided into categories: rolling, middle class, and tournament. Rolling balls are great for budget markers. Medium-class balls are almost perfectly round with water-soluble paint inside. Tournament paintballs are not only flawless in shape but also contain a special filler that is difficult to wash off. Summer and winter balls differ only in the thickness of the gelatin layer. Paintballs with a thick shell are suitable for the cold season.

  • Paintball clothing

Special clothing for paintball is a must. Paintball protective clothing should have a hood, neck protection, mesh on the ears, and reinforced knees and elbows. All these features will keep you from getting hurt if the ball hits your upper body. Here are the main paintball clothing tips: choose the apparel of larger sizes to move easily and buy the apparel with camo patterns to blend with the environment. 

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