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Snap Caps

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Novice shooters might feel extremely nervous during their first practices, and it is wise not to give them actual ammo to shoot with. Dry fire training is an excellent way to work on your gun operating skills regardless of the place of your practice. But pulling the trigger without any sort of ammunition may affect your firearm’s condition and accelerate the wearing process. There is a way, however, to kill two birds with one stone: train safely without using real ammo. Snap caps are the component that allows for secure dry fire training. 

Snap caps are firearm accessories that can be called fake or prop ammo. They look just like regular ammunition but lack functional components vital for firing (primers, propellant, and projectiles). What’s the use of using fake ammo if you can simply fire an empty gun? Well, depending on the type of your firearm, pulling the trigger when the chamber is empty might either bring little harm, if any, or cause notable damage to the chamber itself or the firing pin. This is especially relevant for rimfire guns. When the firing pin fails to meet the base of the cartridge, it ends up striking the walls of the chamber. Nobody needs scratches on the chamber edges or a damaged firing pin. To avoid both of those issues, gun snap caps are utilized. You won’t need to spend hours figuring out how to use snap caps since they function just as regular ammo. The only thing you need to do is load a snap cap into the chamber and shoot as you normally do.

Snap caps have multiple applications and should be in every shooter’s inventory. They are a great way to confirm that a firearm functions as it should without utilizing live ammo and risking potential malfunction if something is wrong. Caps can also be used to check if the magazine is feeding ammo into the chamber properly. As we’ve already mentioned, they are a frequent choice for dry-firing practice. Though the debate about dry-firing’s influence on the firing pin’s condition is not settled yet, you can never be too cautious. To avoid unnecessary risks, snap caps are also used in malfunction and trigger control training.

Since these accessories take after live ammunition, there are caps for every caliber. The most frequent choice for handguns is 9mm snap caps; shotgun shooters often acquire 12 gauge snap caps; rimfire firearms owners can get 22lr snap caps. But those are only regular options, not the only ones. 

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