9mm Bullets

9mm Bullets

9mm Luger Bullets for Reloading

9mm handgun bullets, precisely .355 inches in diameter, are specifically tailored to fit firearms chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge - 9mm pistols and PCCs. These bullets come in a range of weights, but you'll most commonly find them in 115, 124, and 147 grains. However, if these don't suit your needs, don't worry! There are lighter and heavier options available too. As for bullet designs, you'll primarily encounter the full metal jacket (FMJ), total metal jacket (TMJ), and jacketed hollow point (JHP) styles when dealing with 9mm bullets.

Choosing the Right 9mm Reloading Bullets

Selecting the optimal 9mm bullets for reloading can be a breeze with a little guidance. If speed, lightness, and reduced recoil are on your priority list, then the 115-grain bullets will serve you well. They're perfect for training, competitive shooting, or any scenario where rapid follow-up shots are crucial. 124 grain bullets, not too light, not too heavy, offer a balance of speed and recoil. They're a popular pick for self-defense. Lastly, we have the 147-grain bullets. While they may trail behind in speed, they shine in delivering powerful penetration. Thanks to their subsonic speeds, they're the top pick for suppressed firearms.

Now, what about the bullet design? For general target practice or competitive shooting, 9mm FMJ bullets are your reliable, budget-friendly option. They maintain their shape upon impact and load smoothly into the chamber. On the other hand, if you're shooting indoors or want to keep lead exposure to a minimum, consider opting for the TMJ bullets. They're quite similar to FMJs, but with an added bonus - an extra layer of jacketing that encases the bullet base. 9mm JHP bullets (or 9mm hollow points) should be your go-to for self-defense. These expand upon impact to create a larger wound channel, ensuring greater stopping power. However, remember that FMJ bullets aren't the best fit for self-defense as they can over-penetrate your target.

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What are 9mm JHP bullets used for?

9mm JHP bullets are primarily used for self-defense. They expand upon impact, creating a larger wound channel and thus, can efficiently and safely stop the threat.

Can I use 9mm FMJ bullets for self-defense?

FMJs can over-penetrate the target, potentially causing harm beyond the intended target. That's why using 9mm FMJ ammo for self-defense isn't recommended.

Is it worth reloading 9mm?

For popular round designs like FMJ and JHP, it might not be cost-effective due to their low market prices. However, if you prefer shooting flat-point or semi-wadcutter bullets, handloading makes more sense.