Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits

Have you realized that buying a single firearm doesn’t mean that from now on you have to stick to only one caliber? Having a conversion kit enables you to switch ammo without changing a firearm. You can use different caliber bullets for different designations. For example, you may want to convert your AR-15 to 9mm to use the same caliber bullets as for your sidearm. Or you may want to convert your Glock to .22 LR for cost-cutting reasons.

Let’s take a couple of conversion examples and discuss caliber conversion kits in detail.

.22 LR conversion

If you love target shooting and practice it on a routine basis or you are a novice shooter who is eager to master marksmanship, then the matter of money spending is probably of much concern. 

.22 LR ammo costs about two times less than 9mm. So shooting out a box of .22 LR at the range will cost you two times less money. Besides, rimfire conversion kits tend to be cheaper than rimfire guns.

One more advantage is that with .22 LR ammo, you are unlikely to develop a flinch. Thanks to that, you’ll master marksmanship faster than with centerfire ammo.

A converted firearm also retains the grip, trigger, and sights. This will spare you the need to retrain when you feel like switching to centerfire rounds.

Converting AR-15 to 9mm

AR-15 rifle pattern has gained popularity in the USA because of its customizable nature. No wonder the demand is high for AR-15 conversion kits.

Using a 9mm conversion kit helps to reduce costs as 9mm ammo is cheaper than 5.56. And, obviously, changing the upper receiver of your AR-15 is cheaper than buying a new firearm.

AR-15 converted to 9mm has a reduced coil. Thanks to that, novice shooters can have a more pleasant training time. And when you learn and have fun, you are likely to visit the range more often.

Let’s also mention that there are 9mm conversion adapters for magazines.

So, conversion kits may be the choice for several reasons. And if you consider these reasons valid in your particular situation, we carry various conversion kits for you on