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AR Uppers & Kits

AR Uppers & Kits

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If we compare parts of an AR with body parts, the upper receivers are undoubtedly the heart. As you might know, this assembly of components is indispensable for making the shooting process possible. Not that lower receivers play a minor role in that shooting play, but AR upper receivers house the components responsible for crucial steps of the firing process. Unlike lower receivers, they are not considered legal firearms and thus won’t cost you any extra paperwork. At the same time, a different upper AR receiver can turn your firearm from a close quarters carbine to a long-range precision rifle. Upper receivers are the most customizable part of ARs, so the choice is ample.

AR Uppers can be classified according to different characteristics, but the one we consider most relevant for customization enthusiasts is the degree of completeness. Some people prefer their upper complete, while others opt for stripped variants. The difference is on the surface: if an upper receiver is stripped, it includes only the main piece of metal that houses other components. A complete upper receiver will have the ejection port and the forward assist button installed. In case you don’t want to trouble yourself with gathering all the components, you can get an upper receiver assembly. It’s a complete, ready-to-be-fired system that includes a charging handle, barrel, handguards, and bolt carrier group. The only thing you’ll need to shoot is to attach it to a lower receiver. is a gun store dedicated to giving our customers the widest choice possible. Here, we have dozens of upper receivers for sale. You can find them in whatever configuration you might need, be it stripped, complete, or a whole assembly. Choose from a wide selection of products manufactured by such brands as Aero Precision, Anderson, ATI, CMMG, Daniel Defense, POF, Spikes Tactical, and many others.

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