Carving Knives

Carving Knives

Wood is a noble material that keeps many stories from sinking into oblivion. Be it years of growing, captured in tree rings, or a love promise carved on the bark of an aging oak - wood remembers. The art of wood carving can be easily called the art of storytelling. The images and scenes carved into that natural vault are preserved for years. Wood is sturdier than paper and is better at resisting the inescapable influence of time. It is also more demanding, for leaving not a mark but an art piece calls for extraordinary talent. A carving knife is another indispensable tool that every wood carving craftsman needs. The quality of carving knives can determine how precise your image will be and how good of a story you’ll be able to tell. The tools for creating those stories are quite varied, and we have plenty of them for a whole novel.  

Wood Carving Knives

A wood carving knife is the quill that will help you put the words and pictures in your head on wood. As with painting brushes, there is a wood carving knife to meet your every need. In case you want the shapes to be as intricate as possible, we have a wide range of chip carving knives. If you are not interested in images and want to transform a piece of wood into a kitchen utensil, take a look at our spoon carving knives. Hooked carving knives are invaluable for woodworking enthusiasts looking for means to diversify their cutlery. There are many brands that specialize in woodworking tools, but the quality of Flexcut carving knives is a subject of woodcarving legends.  

Wood Carving Tools

Knives are not the only tools a wood carving craftsman needs. A chisel is a regular companion of a sloyd knife when it comes to giving shape to the wood. Our wood chisel selection includes interchangeable tools of width ranging from 1/4 to 1/2in and 3/8 to 7/8in. We also have a moderate V-Tool collection that comprises pre-sharpened and pre-honed specialty wood carving tools. 

Gritr Sports is your dedicated supplier of wood carving tools. Whether you’re in the market for a wood chisel or a wood carving knife, we got you covered.