9mm Rifles

9mm Rifles

9mm Rifles

The 9mm Luger is the most popular pistol cartridge used today. But what if your hands crave for something bigger than a handgun?

Pistol caliber carbines (or PCC) fall in between handguns and rifles. Those are rifle-length firearms that can be chambered for such pistol cartridges as 9mm, .45 ACP, .40S&W, 10mm, or other less popular ones.

PCCs surged in popularity during recent years, and now you can find plenty of designs besides reputable Colt AR-15 9mm rifle.

While a 9mm carbine semi-auto rifle may seem like a weird option, it offers some benefits that you can consider valid.

Why choose a 9mm rifle?

First of all, with a rifle chambered for a pistol cartridge, you can share ammo with your sidearm. You never know what situation may occur, but having multiple firearms that use the same ammo allows for greater flexibility, especially when your resources are lacking. Some models of 9mm rifles can even share magazines.

The second benefit is the availability and inexpensiveness of the 9mm ammo. Feeding your rifle with 5.56 or .308 can cost a bundle. If you plink frequently, you will save tons of money firing less expensive pistol ammo.

Besides spending less money on ammunition, less felt recoil can also encourage you to spend more time on the range. Especially if you’re a novice shooter. AR-15 chambered for the 5.56 gives soft recoil, but chambered for 9mm, recoil can drop twice.

The sound made by a 9mm rifle is also less loud. In a home-defense situation, firing a rifle cartridge indoors can cause hearing damage because of the limited space. The sound can be further decreased by a suppressor. Not only it will benefit you indoors, but it will also make your shooting time more enjoyable.

What else makes a 9mm rifle a good home-defense weapon (as opposed to a handgun) is that it offers a longer sight radius making it easier for you to switch between targets. A shorter length (as opposed to a mid- or long-length rifle) makes it more maneuverable. Due to more points of contact, a 9mm rifle is more stable and controlled which converts to more accurate and faster follow-up shots.

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