Side By Side Shotguns

Side By Side Shotguns

Side By Side Shotguns

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Why limit yourself to only one barrel when you can have two? And you don’t even need to walk with a gun in each hand to enjoy the delights of double-barrel shooting. Even though shotguns are not unique in their availability of multi-barreled options, they are the only type of firearms where two barrels are not considered a meme. While the overwhelming majority of civilian-approved firearms are single-barreled, break-action shotguns often come with two barrels. A side-by-side shotgun (SxS) is one of the two varieties of double-barreled shotguns, the second one being over-and-under. As the name suggests, such firearms feature two horizontally arranged barrels. Side-by-side shotguns were the original double-barreled guns since their design was more practical to implement in muzzleloaders. As time went by, hammerless designs appeared, resulting in the development of the over-and-under shotguns. The latter began slowly displacing their side-by-side siblings and soon became dominant. Though they never managed to reclaim their leading position, side-by-side shotguns never fully disappeared from the market. Today, they often end up in the category of high-end rifles, for almost every one of side-by-side shotguns is a masterpiece in its own right. You don’t necessarily need to have deep pockets to buy one, though. There are a number of relatively affordable side-by-side shotguns you can have a look at right on this page. 

Side-by-side shotguns for Sale

Gritr Sports has an extensive selection of 12 and 20 side-by-side shotguns for sale. We are proud to give you the opportunity to acquire the best firearms produced by industry experts. If you are familiar with the shotgun market, you’ll probably see some familiar names. Here, you can find examples of the fine craftsmanship of such brands as CZ, TriStar, Century Arms, Taylors & Company, and several others. If you are looking for a quality side-by-side 20 gauge shotgun or 12 gauge coach gun, Gritr Sports is the best place to get one.