Handgun Bullets

Handgun Bullets

Handgun bullets, or​ pistol bullets, are a​ distinctive class of ​ammunition. The main ​difference between handgun​ bullets and other ​types of bullets, primarily ​rifle ones, lies in their​ size, velocity, and ​intended use. Handgun​ bullets are typically​ smaller and slower than​ rifle bullets, designed to be ​effective at the shorter​ ranges common in self-defense​ and law enforcement scenarios.​ If you prefer self-reloaded​ ammo to mass-produced one,​ then bullets should definitely make​ it onto your equipment shelf.

JHP Handgun Bullets

Jacketed Hollow Point​ (JHP) bullets are a popular ​choice for both law enforcement​ and self-defense due to ​their ability to expand upon​ impact. This expansion​ creates a larger wound channel in the target,​ increasing the bullet's stopping ​power. Moreover, this expansion ​often prevents the bullet​ from exiting​ the target and causing​ collateral damage.​ Hornady pistol bullets, for instance, ​are renowned for their reliable​ expansion and high​ stopping power. You can​ find a large selection ​of 9mm hollow point bullets ​as well as JHP bullets for ​other calibers.

FMJ Handgun Bullets

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ​bullets are another common type ​of handgun ammunition. These​ bullets are covered in a hard ​shell of metal (typically copper)​ that helps maintain the bullet's shape​ upon impact and​ through penetration. ​FMJ bullets are​ often used for target shooting ​and training because they are ​generally less expensive​ than other types of bullets for ​handguns and less likely to deposit ​lead in the barrel. Gritr Sports offers a wide​ choice of FMJ .40 bullets for reloading.

Soft Point

Soft point​ bullets are a kind of hybrid between​ JHP and FMJ bullets. They feature​ a soft lead tip exposed at the front​ while the remainder of the bullet​ is enclosed in a metallic​ jacket. This design allows the bullet​ to expand more slowly and predictably​ than a JHP, making ​soft-point bullets a popular choice​ for hunting. They are​ particularly useful for larger ​game where deep penetration is ​required, such as when using .45 ACP​ projectiles.

Those are ​the major types of handgun ​bullets you can find here, on Gritr​ Sports. We boast​ an extensive collection of pistol ​bullets of all the most popular ​calibers and makes. Here ​you can find bullets produced​ by such industry masters​ as Winchester Ammo, Wilson​ Combat, Hornady and other notable​ brands.


What are​ the different types of handgun bullets?

Handgun bullets come​ in several types, including Full Metal ​Jacket (FMJ), Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), and ​Soft Point bullets. The ​type you choose depends​ on your intended use,​ such​ as self-defense, ​target ​practice, or hunting.

What is the most powerful handgun bullet?

The title of ​the most powerful handgun​ bullet often goes to the .500 Smith &​ Wesson Magnum. This bullet, made specifically for the Smith & Wesson Model 500 revolver, ​can produce ​a muzzle energy over 2,600​ foot-pounds force.

What is a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullet?

An FMJ bullet is covered in​ a hard shell of metal, typically​ copper, that helps​ maintain the bullet's shape​ upon impact and through ​penetration.

What is a Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) bullet?

JHP bullets are ​designed to expand upon impact​, creating a larger wound channel​ in the target and increasing the​ bullet's stopping power. They​ are a popular choice for​ self-defense and law enforcement.​