Western Belts & Buckles

Western Belts & Buckles

A traditional western outfit is peculiar for several accessories. First, there’s a wide-brim hat adapted from the sombrero worn by vaqueros. The next one is a bandana that cowboys put on for warmth on colder days and protection against the sun. Another staple cowboy and cowgirl accessory is a bolo tie. According to the legend, a cowboy named Victor Cedarstaff donned a silver-trimmed hatband around his neck because he was afraid to lose it in case his hat would get blown off by the wind. That’s how a Native American accessory turned into a popular neckwear for cowboys. But there’s one more traditional western-style accessory. It’s a cowboy belt with a big buckle.

What’s a Western Belt

Believe it or not, cowboys didn’t wear buckle belts until the late 19th century - instead, they wore suspenders. During the Civil War, people found belts more practical because they could be easily turned into gun belts. Soldiers had buckles with military engravings. But when cowboys and Texas rangers began wearing belts, they started incorporating symbols from western culture.

In the 20th century, cowboys were romanticized and heroized by Hollywood movies, which influenced western fashion. In the end, cowboys ended up with big customized buckles that communicated their identity, preserved and glorified history, and were worn as trophies.

Men’s & Women’s Cowboy Belts for Sale

At GRITR Sports, you’ll find a variety of leather cowboy belts and western belt buckles. The belts are elaborately decorated with tooling on the leather strap and contrasting stitching, while buckles incorporate motifs from the American history and cowboy lifestyle.

Cowboy belt buckles can be made of various materials. Brass is a common material for vintage-style western buckles because over time, it gains attractive patina that adds character. Zinc alloy buckles are corrosion resistant and often finished to take on the appearance of silver, gold, or copper. If you want to keep it simple, go with stainless steel or silver.