Monopods & Bipods

Monopods & Bipods

Monopods & Bipods

The culmination of any hunt is a shot. Any hunter must do all his best to hit the target. Sometimes an experienced hunter can miss even shooting at a moose from a distance of 80-100 ft. How can such things happen? The main reasons can be overexcitement, adrenaline, or fatigue. For example, a hunter has been standing for several hours and at the time of the shot, his hands are so tired that he cannot hold the gun properly.

Reading this article, some photographers may have a feeling of deja vu. The longer the focal length is, the easier it is to ruin the picture! The slightest wavering of the hands will lead to a loss of sharpness. 

One of the solutions to these problems is the use of monopods or bipods.


Monopods for rifles have one leg. That's why they are a little bit unstable. Such models are lightweight, so they will be a great option when you need to constantly move, looking for the prey.

Monopods for cameras are suitable for selfie lovers. You can take a portrait picture of yourself at a sufficient distance from the face and not distort the proportions. Camera monopods are a good solution for those who travel alone since you do not have to ask others to take a photo.


Bipods consist of two legs, which can be either telescopic or non-telescopic. The best bipods can be adjusted to any shooter in height. Rifle bipods are more stable and do not require as much control as any of the best monopods.

GRITR Sports provides bipods, monopods from the top brands such as:

  • Harris, which is a well-known manufacturer from the USA. They produce high-quality bipods for various types of weapons.
  • Allen Company, which is also an American brand. Their range of goods includes shooting rests, bags, and various equipment for hunting.

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