Storage options for firearms and magazines are so vast it’s easy to lose yourself in the whirl. Depending on the size and quantity of the objects that need storing, a certain type of container might be more optimal than the rest. You would hardly need a big range bag for a handgun and a couple of magazines. Likewise, a small gun pouch will be of little use for a rifle owner or a handgun enthusiast who plans to empty a dozen or two magazines on an improvised range. This category is dedicated to gun and mag pouches as well as shotgun shell pouches produced by brands known among firearm enthusiasts for their expertise. Even though they share the same name, one mag pouch might be quite different from another, which makes this category exceptionally broad. Here’s the list of pistol mag pouches you can expect to find in this category.

TACO Pouch

The TACO magazine pouch is a true asset for everyone looking for heavy-duty-quality gear for storing firearm magazines and accessories. They come in many configurations and can comprise as many as three storage compartments arranged in either row or column layout. The TACO mag pouch is extremely versatile, being able to hold almost any caliber of pistol magazines, multitools, flashlights, or knives.


MOLLE stands for modular lightweight load-carrying equipment and describes the attachment system between pouches and modules to your tactical backpacks or belts. Every MOLLE mag pouch has so-called pouch ladders that are webbed to your carrying platform. The majority of tactical backpacks and belts will accept MOLLE pouches which makes them a safe choice when deciding on mag storage options. 

Shotgun Shell Pouch

If you are looking for a shotgun shell bag, this is the place to get one. We have shell pouches of different capacities depending on how many shells you are planning to carry, in both mountable and belt-included configurations. If you want the quickest access to your ammunition possible, consider taking a look at a shell carrier. It lacks a cover and thus doesn’t need to have it tilted while retrieving shells. They are widely produced by Browning and Allen Company brands.

DAKA Pouch

DAKA is an exclusive line of Magpul Industries containers for firearm accessories storage. The Magpul Daka Pouch is available in several variants: a window pouch for storing tools and ammunition, suppressor pouches for storing silencers, and field trays for storing small parts when working with firearms.

Here, on Gritr Sports, we have a huge selection of gun and magazine pouches. There are gun pouches for every taste and color, of all shapes and sizes, from a wide range of materials.