22 Rifles

22 Rifles

22 Rifles

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22 Rifles stand out from their brethren because of the projectiles they shoot. Whereas the majority of firearms in general and rifles in particular utilize centerfire cartridges, 22 LR is the most popular rimfire cartridge type. It possesses several advantages over the centerfire cartridge and .22 rifles are widely used by both novice shooters and gun experts. 

What sets 22 LR cartridges apart from centerfire ammo? The answer is cartridge design or, to be more precise, the primer design. The primer is the part of the cartridge responsible for ignition - the component no shooting can occur without. In rimfire cartridges, the primer is located in the rim that protrudes from the case base. When you pull the trigger, the firing pin strikes the rim and crushes it against the barrel breech, thus sparking the compound within the primer and, in turn, igniting the propellant within the case. This manner of ignition gave the name to the cartridge. 

How does the cartridge structure influence the gun’s work? Since the rimfire cartridge case should be thin enough to let the primer crush the rim, all rimfire ammo is limited to low pressure, which means that 22 LR rifles will have lower muzzle energy, and their shots will be less impactful. This is, however, not always the case. Modern rimfire magnum calibers can create as much energy as small centerfire cartridges.

Why choose 22 caliber rifles if they have lower muzzle energy? Well, the first and main reason is the price. It is vital to understand that when you buy a rifle, you become bound to buy a particular ammo type. And they all come at different prices. Rimfire cartridges are very affordable since the case and powder load production prices are low. They are also a great choice to introduce new people to shooting since low muzzle energy will also result in lower recoil. 

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