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Packs & Bags

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One of the most important, one might even say inevitable, issues is packaging and carrying of shooting equipment and accessories. Everyone wants to carry as many things that they may need on a hunt or at a shooting range.

And then you should choose what you need to take with you and how to bring it all to the place. There are millions of ways to get all the necessary equipment to the firing position -  from small tactical backpacks to large gun range bags.

How to Choose Tactical Bags?

Any bag you are considering should have the following qualities that will make your life much easier:

  • Pockets. Your tac bag should have many pockets of different sizes to accommodate a variety of tools and accessories. Last but not least, you need a mesh bag where you can stuff a bunch of things into. Even the smallest bag should have padded pockets for handguns, hard-walled inner pockets for ammo, and space for a water bottle outside.
  • Durability. Shooting bags of all sizes need to be durable. Pay attention to sling bags that are made of polyester with reliable plastic zippers. The seams should be doubled so that all the gear remains inside, and does not fall out.
  • Transformer Bag. Sometimes you need to wear a bag on the shoulder or behind the back. It is hard to carry a bag stuffed with metal, especially if you have to walk a long distance from the car to the shooting site. Military backpacks will save your hands and save you the strength when you need to pull the trigger and shoot accurately. It makes sense to choose a range backpack.

Organize all your range, hunting, and shooting gear with the best outdoor packs and bags with GRITR Sports. We stock all the best brands for firearm carry like Browning, Badlands, Maxpedition, and more. You can get exactly what you need for either short trips or long expeditions. We even have models with integrated gun scabbards or bow carriers that will help you get your weapon to a remote hunting spot free from damage.