Every hunter will agree that cleaning weapons is a necessary and very important task. Regardless of whether we use a gun or just keep it in our safe, the weapon tends to get dirty over time. It also gets dirty during shooting, hunting, and transportation.

Weapons need to be maintained. You need to ensure a proper storage of weapons and, certainly, after each use of weapons, they must be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. It is better to use a special weapon cleaner, gun oil, and gun cleaning solvent.

The Best Gun Cleaners

  • Degreaser Spray

Such shotgun spray is used to remove any oils, greases, and other contaminants from your weapon. Not every oil and grease helps protect the metal from corrosion. Fingerprint oil will slowly eat away at the metal, leaving a visible mark over time. Some oils and greases on weapons can be useful for long-term storage but can cause damage to the weapon if they are used while it is loaded. 

  • Gun Barrel Cleaner

A quality barrel cleaner is the main cleaner you will need. When you fire, the bullet exiting the barrel, hot gasses, and bits of gunpowder leave sediment in the barrel. If you don't clean up this deposit, you risk getting reduced accuracy, barrel corrosion, damage, and stalling. All this increases the potential risks when shooting. Bore cleaners are designed to clean the gun bore and remove these nasty sediments. You soak the inside of the barrel with a barrel cleaner and it dilutes sediments so they can be easily wiped off.

  • Gun Oil

Gun oil is used after cleaning to protect your firearm while in storage or use. Gun oil is a light general-purpose mineral oil for firearms. It has a low viscosity, which creates a thin but well-protective cover on the metal surface. This cover protects the metal from corrosion and helps keep the weapon in good condition. 

  • Gun Lubricant

Gun lubricant has a much higher viscosity, is more sticky than gun oils, and the lubricant is resistant to high temperatures. Gun lubricants can also be used to create a more durable cover on guns to provide reliable protection against moisture and corrosion during the off-season.

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