Plate & Soft Armor Carriers

Plate & Soft Armor Carriers

Plate & Soft Armor Carriers

Armor carriers are an essential item of military equipment, which makes it easier to carry weapons, first-aid kits, grenades, walkie-talkies, and more. Nowadays, law enforcement officers, airsoft players, and lovers of hunting use carriers. Body armor carriers for hunters are usually supplied with bandoliers and shell holders for hunting equipment. Some models have a game bag.

The armor plate carrier is usually made of durable materials. It should be lightweight, not restrict movement and at the same time fit snugly to the body. The gear evenly trims the load of the equipment and reduces fatigue during prolonged wear. 

Armor Plates

Body armor plates protect the human body from firearms, grenades, and shells. If you wear armor plates, the probability of getting injured will be lower.

The weight of the armor plate influences comfort and mobility. It’s better to choose body armor, taking into account the weight of the wearer. If it is uncomfortable to move or run in the armor plate, then fatigue will come much earlier. 

The armor plates are usually made of:

  • Kevlar. It is a lightweight material. Kevlar is used to make soft body armor, which can resist pistol bullets. A Kevlar bulletproof vest should be protected from moisture because a wet armor plate loses its strength by 40%.
  • Steel. It's a heavy durable material. Such plates can protect you against rifle cartridges.
  • Ceramic. Ceramic armor plates are much lighter than steel plates. However, the ceramic plates armor can crack when a bullet gets into it. 

There are two major types of armor plates:

  • Bulletproof. The best armor plates that protect against bullets.
  • Splinter Proof. Such plates have a collar that protects the neck. This model is suitable for journalists and civilians in the combat zone.

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