A firearm is a complicated system of intertwined components, where every part, however small, is crucial for the functioning of the whole system. A gun magazine is the part of a firearm that houses cartridges, whose necessity is hard to underestimate. Every firearm is useful as long as there is ammo to shoot, and ammo needs to be stored and fed into the chamber. Firearm magazines perform both of those tasks, which doesn't necessarily make them more important than other components, but at least makes them more recognizable. Gun mags come in many shapes and sizes, corresponding to various needs of shooters’. On this page, you can find the most widespread (and less so) types of firearm magazines. 

Box Magazines

Box magazines are the most popular type that is commonly used in modern rifles and handguns. It is their image that pops up in the head of everyone who tries to imagine a mag, and that’s the best evidence of how popular it is. Detachable gun magazines are loaded when detached from the firearm in contrast to internal box magazines. The latter are built into the firearm and are not easily detached. We sell a huge variety of detachable box mags for more than 50 calibers.

Rotary Magazines

The main element of a rotary magazine comprises a cylindrical chainwheel actuated by a torsion spring. The cylindrical design allows for larger ammo capacity than box magazines without growing to excessive lengths. The price for saved space is an increased weight which might affect the way users handle their firearms. Rotary magazines are the middle ground between box and drum ones: they can store more ammo without becoming too long and don’t weigh as much as somewhat cumbersome drum mags.

Drum Magazines

The drum mag shares the cylindrical design with rotary mags but has a different configuration. Such magazines were initially used with light machine guns, but now can be attached to anything from a Glock to a carbine. Drum magazines are heavier than the rest but offer unparalleled cartridge capacity.

High-capacity Magazines 

If you are in the market for high-capacity magazines (higher than ten rounds), make sure to check your state regulations. Nine states and the District of Columbia introduced restrictions on the maximum capacity of permissible magazines. 

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