Rifle Components

Rifle Components

Rifle Components

When someone says rifle components, people usually think big things - barrels, triggers, rifle stocks, charging handles, BCGs, and so on. But what about smaller parts? Sometimes, the performance and overall health of your rifle depend on one tiny thing. Let’s take the gas system of the AR-15 platform, for example. The gas block of AR-15 is like a human respiratory system, and when its components are somehow defective, fouled, improperly installed, or don’t fit, it affects the rifle’s ability to function reliably.

Whether you are a gun geek searching for AR parts to assemble a rifle with your own hands from scratch or want to upgrade a couple of things to make a custom AR-15, we welcome you at Gritr Sports. We carry everything you may need for your platform (AR-15, AR-10, AK-47, AK-74, and others), from gas tubes and gas blocks to takedown detent springs, safety selectors, magazine releases, trigger pins, ejection port covers, screws, and so on.

AR-15 Parts & Accessories

Since there’s a huge demand for AR-15 rifles and AR-related products, we stock tons of items for this platform to keep up with this demand. We believe everyone should have a choice. Therefore we don’t limit our offering to only high-end products, so you can always find something strictly functional.

If you’re looking for premium AR-15 accessories and parts that don’t just serve their purpose but can take your system to a higher lever, consider Aero Precision, ArmaSpec, Magpul, CMMG, LBE Unlimited, Luth-AR, and Strike Industries.

You can also purchase AR-15 kits to spare yourself from buying every little part separately. Thus, you’ll not only save some time you would otherwise waste on making a list of components and purchasing. Besides, you’ll be confident that all components fit.

Why Building Your Own AR-15

Building your own rifle can be a rewarding experience. Yes, it will be a difficult task if you don’t have any background, but think of the benefits. You can build a rifle that meets your needs just perfectly, and, as part of the process, you’ll know your weapon inside out, which will help during handling and repairing.

If the idea of building from scratch scares you at this stage of life, you can customize a stock AR-15. Thus, you’ll have an established foundation to work on, less room for error, and more understanding of what goes where and why.

Shop rifle parts, accessories, and AR-15 building kits at Gritr Sports.