Rifle Safeties & Parts

Rifle Safeties & Parts

Rifle Safety Selectors 

You know​ what they say, safety comes first.​ After all, a firearm is only one of the ​deadliest tools humanity has​ invented. Rifle safety parts are crucial ​components for any firearm, ensuring it ​won’t shoot when it’s ​not supposed to. More often than​ not, safeties come preinstalled in​ a firearm and can be internal and​ external. However, if you assemble​ your own rifle, which is a​ regular case for AR owners, you’d need ​to take care of safety yourself. The​ safety selector, with an AR15 safety​ selector being the most ​popular option, serves a pivotal role​ in ensuring the safe operation ​of your rifle. It allows the user to​ switch between firing modes, locking​ the trigger mechanism when​ necessary. The AR safety selector ​comes in two variants. The standard​ version is meant for ​right-handers, whereas an ambi safety selector​ offers the flexibility of use​ for both left-handed and right-handed ​shooters. Even though AR is ​the most regular candidate for​ a safety selector, the AK 47 safety ​selector is also a popular option. ​Upgrading to an AR15 ​ambidextrous safety can ​significantly enhance the functionality and ​safety of your firearm, offering ​comfortable and quick access to ​the safety mechanism ​from either side ​of the rifle.

Gritr Sports presents to ​you our collection of ​safety selectors. We work ​together with such brands​ as Fortis Manufacturing, Battle Arms Development, Timber Creek Outdoors and others​ to provide you with the ​market’s finest products. 


What is a safety selector on a rifle?

A safety selector is​ a key component of a rifle​ that allows the user to​ switch between different​ modes (ready-to-fire/ not-ready-to-fire) and ​to lock the trigger mechanism​ when necessary. It plays a ​crucial role in ensuring​ the safe operation of​ your firearm, regardless of what type​ of firearm it is.

What is the difference between a standard and an ambi safety selector?

A standard​ safety selector is designed for use​ primarily by right-handed​ shooters. An ambidextrous safety selector,​ on the other hand, is designed​ to be used by ​both left-handed and ​right-handed shooters. It ​offers quick and comfortable​ access to the safety​ mechanism from ​either side of the rifle.

Can I upgrade my AR 15 to an ambidextrous safety selector?

AR rifles are ​known for being highly ​customizable, so the answer is ​yes, you can upgrade your ​AR15 to an ambidextrous​ safety. You don't need to​ build a firearm in a particular ​way for it to be able ​to incorporate ​ambidextrous safety.