AR-15 Magazines

AR-15 Magazines

AR-15 Magazines

America’s Rifle, the AR-15, is a weapon of choice for many rifle shooters. It’s a very customizable, compact platform chambered for a balanced round, the 5.56 NATO. However, AR-15 isn’t ideal and is susceptible to malfunctioning components. Some issues are related to the design and manifest when the rifle isn’t maintained and cleaned in time. Others are fixed with higher-quality parts. As such, a good AR-15 magazine can dismantle feeding issues.

When You Need a New AR-15 Mag

The main components of an AR-15 magazine are a magazine body, a follower, a floor plate, and a spring. The follower is a plate where the ammo rests and from where it feeds into the rifle chamber, while the compressed spring pushes the rounds upward. At this point, your old mag may have a tired spring or a damaged follower.

The main element of the magazine body is feed lips. The feed lips are intended to keep rounds inside the body when the gun doesn’t cycle. So if ammo pops up from the mag on impact, the feed lips are out of spec.

Metal vs. Polymer Mag

When shopping for the best AR-15 5.56 magazine, you’ll be choosing between polymer and steel/aluminum mags. Obviously, metal magazines are tougher, more durable, and less susceptible to developing cracks. On the other hand, polymer magazines are lighter and cheaper. However, the company may not provide information on the polymer material used in its mag, and you risk stumbling across a low-quality product.

Best AR-15 Magazines for Sale

Gritr Sports carries a vast array of AR-15 magazines from reputable brands. We offer tough polymer Magpul 30-round AR-15 magazines, rare-caliber mags (such as AR-15 7.62x39 magazines from ASC), humble 5- & 10-round mags, and massive 60-round AR-15 drum magazines. The top manufacturers include Daniel Defense, Mission First Tactical, ProMag, HexMag, CMMG, and many others. Our range isn’t limited to 5.56/.223 mags, and includes many calibers.